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    While we all love peace and no war, should we have warriors?

    This is to discuss about the necessity of warriors on this good earth. While we think about peace to prevail with no war between the countries, should we have warriors or talk about warriors? Warrior is a person who fights boldly with courage against the enemies. We all wish to maintain a peaceful and cordial relationship between our neighbouring countries. India as a peace loving country has not seen a major war after 1971 Indo-pak conflict and Khargil war. India and Indians want to live in peace without any war. We lose many good warriors on the battlefield and their family suffers. We celebrate the victory of the war, but forget the warriors after the war.

    My question to discuss is - While we all love peace and no war, should we have warriors to account?

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    India may be a peace loving country. She never wants to fight. She never wants to rule others. She wants all its children to live in peace and harmony. But in that pursuit, she don't want get sold to other countries. She want to have her self respect.

    To keep up her self respect and freedom she should have warriors. Unfortunately our neighbouring countries are not peace loving countries. They always want to occupy our land. They always want to rule our country. So to keep such evil forces away and guard our freedom , we should have warriors. The days of Gandhi were gone. If we are not giving fitting reply, the neighbours will take a ride on us. Hence it is absolute necessity .

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    Your question may be answered in this way. While we be the best driver on the road, but for the mistakes of other drivers who does not know the ABC of the road manners or rules, the accidents are bound to happen and we are also affected. Same way we all and in fact the world love peace and only peace. But every country is upping their defence budget every year for purchasing new arms for the army so that we are more protected from the enemies. As far as India is concerned we are bound to be alert 24 hours as we do not have trusted friends around us. So we are creating warriors in three forces and they are also trained as commandos of special force to tackle the ulterior motives of enemy country and the way our commandos fight to the hilt is the testimony of warrior spirit existing in them.
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