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    My friend Warrior who never fought with others

    I am referring to my friend Warrior.

    Just because there is a word 'war' in his name please do not take that he is always fighting. He was a very lovable person. We had been classmates for a few years in the lower school. At that time he was not 'Warrior'. Then how he became Warrior? I came to know about it from a face book profile which I could see by chance. I saw it as an automatic suggestion, friend (actually friend of friend). I could recognise him faintly from the profile photo. To be sure, I confirmed with the common friend.

    Now the main point. He was 'Warrier' then. His first name is different. Warrier is a caste name in Kerala. Just as surname in other parts India, in Kerala, in those days the caste name was attached to the fist name. My friend Warrier was influenced by numerology and changed the spelling in his name from 'Warrier' to 'Warrior' taking cue from a typo error that happened once.
    My Warrior (aka Warrier) friend is thus a misnomer because contrary to what the word suggests he was and is a very peace loving person. He has never fought with others even when he was a schoolboy.

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    Very nice and funny thread from the author. Yes I also have Malayalee friends in the name of Warrier but their are not real warriors in virtual life. In Tamils also there are names with Warrier. And who can forget about N V Krishnan Warrier who was great poet and news paper editor. Coming to the authors content, yes by merely keeping the name warrier one cannot become a Warrior. By the way others think that those who keep this name are fearful to others and they may command others. But I have seen that they are sober lot and not even murmur a word against others.
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    I know a great man who was a warrior not to fight in the war field but to use his speech to win the heart of the people. He is none other than the great preacher, and devotee of Lord Sri Muruga - Kirupananda Variyar (Warrior). In my life, I got his blessings during a train journey and got a autograph from him.
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