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    Haircut for a Soldier

    We have seen that in army, navy and air force departments the soldier's need to cut their hair like tiny grasslike structures. Why is it so much compulsory to cut the hairs into too small sizes? What is the main reason behind it. Does anyone of you know the real concept behind of why it is done to them? Why do they don't get the ultimate freedom in life?
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    Have you ever thought of asking why the defence personnel wear a uniform. The soldiers, sailors and airmen should look smart in their uniform. In the same way, their hair also should look smart with uniformity. The personnel will look filthy in their uniform if worn with a long hair or short hair. It is nothing but to maintain the uniformity of the fighting personnel. Moreover, the long hair washing consumes lot of water that may not be available to the uniformed personnel in the front, at sea and in forward operational areas.

    Haircut is a must to look good and smart in a uniform, and it doesn't restrict the freedom of an individual at all.

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    There is a reason for having small haircuts to the Military personnel and they would be resembling similar where ever we see them. The main reason being that a soldier should not get bored, tired and should always be alert. If we have hairs around the lower portion of the head touching the shoulder, we would feel like lazy and not having interest in anything due too over presence of hairs. That is why every month twice the soldiers are treated with hair cut similarly and they feel like light and energetic. This was revealed by one of my Military friend who happens to visit now and then.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    I don't understand the philosophy of laziness by having long hairs. Did the long hair of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam made him lazy? In fact, it encouraged him to be very busy with his scientific activities. It is to look smart in a uniform. Also, long hair would make the soldier to spend more time on combing and beautification of his hair and his look. Long hair with a cap worn on head would look very ugly.

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    Sujish, I think it would suffice to know that proper haircut is mandatory for men in uniform due to different reasons including discipline. To go into imaginary concepts about reasons for the haircut of our soldiers does not sound appreciable and may get diverted which need to be avoided. I am locking this thread.
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