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    The Existence of Religions

    The first and foremost thing is that religions were not born instead they were created by humans (I don't know why). And additionally, these religions have different caste under them. Now, on a serious note do you think we, our society, where every men and woman are the same need to have religions in reality? Do you think religions need to exist in real since it causes differences and various other conflicts among the people? Today, it has become a reason for a fight between two different categories of individuals. Even if your answer is Yes/No, please give a satisfactory justification.
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    Unfortunately in India we have been given birth under the religion and caste system and our name is also associated with this. Though we may say that we are against the religion and caste, ultimately when the time comes to fill in a application to be submitted to government office even for any purpose, the caste, religion is asked. And thus we are not at fault. We may forget caste and religion for while, but politicians and trouble makers in the country do come up with religion bogey to garner the votes. So as long as this universe stays, the caste and religions would play their ugly roles.
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    Caste and Religion are only for identity. All religions will teach the same,may be in a different way. All religions believe in super natural power. The names may be different. All will preach tolerance and equality. Importance of morals. In good olden days communication was very difficult. To know each other also becoming very difficult. So circles were very narrow and marriages fixing is becoming difficult. So caste system was created. Once the caste was known, they used to assess the habits and see whether they match or not. But unfortunately for votes, the politicians created these differences and playing the tricks with the people.

    As such caste and religion may not be necessary to live in

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    Let us not discuss about God, religion, community and caste at ISC. ISC believes in One God (The supreme Lord), One religion (The humanity), One community (ISC) and one caste (the members). We are fed up with different Gods, different religions, different communities and different castes. Discussing about religions would bring bitterness among the members belonging to different religions.
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    Well when you think about it, religion is something that you can rely upon.Invest your faith in. But is that even possible? Because we don't choose our religion. Organized religions appeared somewhere near 3000BC. Until then, when humans were still living as tribes, we had Shamanic beliefs. We deified nature's forces.
    Our ancestors classified us in different castes depending on the lifestyle we follow.
    So the question that has plagued mankind for years. Is religion necessary?
    I'd say, not much. Good religious beliefs make a person "moral". But again, morality can be inculcated into an individual in many other ways too.

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    Very interesting thread and I will first of all like to explain the birth of religion and subsequent religions.

    The caveman had one religion - fear of nature. When nature was furious he remained inside the cave and probably prayed to the unknown power to stop the storm or hurricane or heavy rains etc and when it stopped itself he thought that some power above in the sky has listened to his prayers. This went on for generations and different settlements in the world on different continents had unknowingly adopted to this system of praying which after a long time converted to some form of primitive religion.

    Though the basic philosophy of all the religions was evolved from a single point but due to different geographical conditions, sealed communities with no communication or exchange of persons in between, the religions developed in different ways. By the time communities started to mix with each other by way of wars or fights and begin to understand each other's culture, it was too late as regions were already developed to alarming heights.

    Anyway modern day leaders exploit these religions for their selfish motives and the gullible religious persons succumb to them. It is unfortunate that a person is being known today by his religion rather than his qualification.

    It is not that religion is the only attribute to fight with each other, there are many other reasons also. Today unfortunately religion is coming up as number one reason for fights, terrorism and confrontations and this is an alarming trend.

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    I don't think we are having a problem with religion. We are having a problem
    with ourselves. People don't fight for religion they fight for their own selfish cause. In older days if someone is born in a particular religion or cast it show the work of that person. But nowadays we can't decide even work or duties of anyone on basis of his religion or caste. So now it's high time to stop fighting over religion.

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