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    How to know your cell battery is discharged. Just spin and if it does, its gone !

    Many of us are using costly smart phones and the cell battery is also costly based on the model and its features to support the same. Normally we are unable to find out whether the particular battery is still usable or not and finally we end up purchasing new one. But the best way to confirm further life to the battery is to spin the same on the table and if it does, then the battery life is over. Because as the battery is put to use for more, it bulges on one side and that makes it to spin on the table. So next time dont believe the shop guy for the validity of your own cell battery.
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    Mr Mohan,
    Should we spin the battery whether it is alive or dead? Can't we make it out by looking at the size of the battery with its fat projection. Anyway, I enjoyed your battery spin test.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun some batteries cannot be recognized with naked eyes about their fat position and hence the spin test is the best to convince ourselves.
    K Mohan
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