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    Mothers are the real warriors in a family

    Mothers are the real warriors who carry care and affection as the powerful weapons in their heart. Being a mother is not an easy thing in this world. The one person in the world who holds a lot of responsibilities in a family and fights for the well-being of a family is a mother. The chief responsibility of a mother is to nurture her children and develop them as a productive human-being. We are living in a society where the outside world blames a mother for all the silly mistakes done by a child. So she has high responsibility to shape a child by cultivating strong moral values and principles in their minds. Doing all the domestic chores and taking care of the family is really a difficult task, but the one person who enjoys to do that task besides the level of difficulty are mothers.

    Moms always work 24 hours a day and never goes off the duty. She sacrifices many things in her life for the success and happiness of her children. Some moms even lose their career for their child's development. A mother can take the place of all others but no one can replace her place in a family.

    A Big salute to all the mothers for the hard work and the sacrifices they have made in their life for the well-being of their family and children.

    A mother is a superwoman and a real warrior in a family who fights very hard to protect her children.

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    Yes it is true. A girl after marriage certainly attains motherhood and from there the real life starts for her. Coping with the antics of husband, abiding the dikdats of mother in law, succumbing to the overtures of sister in law and above all looking after and nurturing the child from day one. And remember all these has to be taken care off with her total presence at Kitchen looking after food requirement of entire family. Surely a mother is the great warrior of life fighting against all odds. God must give her 16 hands to survive and make the life good for others, otherwise she would end up not enjoying single moment of life. My pranams to every mother.
    K Mohan
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    True. Mothers are real warriors in life. In fact I replace Mothers with housewives in this sentence. Housewives are mothers,wives,daughter in laws and everything to the members of the family. If the husband is not able to trace his pen he will call his wife, if the children are not able find their books they will call their mother, if father in law wants to get his spectacles from his room, he calls daughter in law and mother in law is feeling hungry she will also call her daughter in law only. In addition to these works, she has to manage the kitchen and see that all family members will be served in time. She has to take care of house keeping and all domestic works. She has to guide her children in their studies. All these challenges she has to face. But fortunately many of the females are having lot of patience and they will perform all their activities to the satisfaction of other family members. Really Housewife is a warrior. Kudos to her.
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