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    Forgotten hero: The great warrior Raja Suhal Dev Pasi

    In our history books, we have studied that Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni attacked India seventeen times during 1000 AD to 1027 AD. We have also learnt that Muhammad Ghori defeated Prithvi Raj Chauhan in the Second Battle of Tarain in 1192 AD and established Islamic rule in India. But we forget to ask what happened during the intervening 165 years. Didn't the foreign invaders attack India during this period? If yes, then why don't we know? If no, then what was the reason behind this? My present thread seeks the answer.

    Sultan Mahmud died in 1030 AD. Immediately thereafter, his nephew Salar Masud Ghazni invaded India in May, 1031 AD with more than 1,00,000 soldiers. This army crossed Punjab, Sindh and Gujarat defeating local kings and reached Bahraich in present Uttar Pradesh. The local rulers of north Indian plane formed an alliance under Raja Suhal Dev Pasi. In June, 1033 AD, Suhal Dev asked Salar Masud to stop torturing local populace and leave the land. Salar Masud ignored the warning.

    On the early morning of 13th June, 1033, united army under Suhal Dev descended on much larger Ghazni army stationed at Bahraich. Masud's army was completely besieged and encircled. Fierce fighting continued for hours. Suhal Dev's army didn't show any mercy. No prisoner was taken. Each and every soldier of Ghazni army was put to the sword. The location of this battle was near present day Chittaura Jheel, a lake located at 8 km. away from present Bahraich towards Gond. On 14th June, 1033 (Sunday), Salar Masud was beheaded.

    The defeat of the Ghazni army was so devastating that for the next 160 years, the invaders from Afghanistan never dared to cross Punjab and Sindh.

    Today, we, the Indians, have almost forgotten this great warrior, Raja Suhal Dev. Thanks to our history books, we are totally ignorant about the Battle of Bahraich (13th -14th June, 1033). But local people of Uttar Pradesh have still remembered this warrior-king. The local ballads still sing the saga of his gallantry.

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    Like me so many members would be weak in history and we are bound to forget the great contributions of great Kings. I am getting further knowledge from this post on Raja Suhal Dev. Thanks.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: It is not your fault. You have not read about this great warrior-king in history. The history-books remain silent on such icons like Suhal Dev, Himu, Lachit Borphukan, etc. We are studying distorted history.
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