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    Do HTML TAGS not allowed in forum posting?

    I have seen new forum posting it is written "HTML formatting is NOT allowed. Html tags used may appear as it is.". However some forums there are still hyperlinks present to various other postings. Which posting this policy applicable? I don't want to point anyone's forum topic and I can forward those links to editor separately. I am asking this to make sure my post to get approved when I also post link in forum subject.
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    Generally it is discouraged except on rare occasions.
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    May be one or two forum postings might have appeared with HTML tags and as far as the site rule goes, we are not supposed to use those in the forum section. But certain tags are surely allowed in the article sections.
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    Use of HTML tags in forum is forbidden. However, at times, we can use HTML tags for italics, bold and underline to highlight important words, phrases and short sentences. It shouldn't be a habit formed but for seldom use.
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    Avi, as our senior members have said in the above responses, HTML tags are not allowed in forum with exceptions that are very rare. It seems you have not gone through these guidelines as yet. Please check out the posting guidelines.
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    Saji, in that case the message under textbox of forum posting is misleading. It should be "HTML tags are not allowed with exception situation or by editors choice"
    Since you have right to delete forum without notification so it is scary situation of member to put tag or not.
    Not all are equal like senior members. They might get exception always but how about new or slight old members? My intention is to make message more productive and make ISC more informative by raising concern.

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    Avi, doesn't it say that HTML tags are not allowed?
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    Mr. Avi,
    HTML tags are only allowed in those forum threads which are related to competition entries. That means only a href HTML tag is allowed. This is because href tags are used for hyperlinks. In competition entries, you need to link the competition entry to the contest thread, that is declared, or vice versa. Otherwise no other HTML tags are or should be used in any other kind of thread, as per ISC forum posting guidelines. I hope this helps. This thread is being locked. If you have further queries use the message option in ISC to ask the editors.

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