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    Ugadi Pachhadi is made with Neem flowers but have you tasted Neem flower Rasam ?

    On 29th March 2017, Telugu people will be celebrating their new year and Ugadi Pachhadi is the special recipe through which they will welcome the new year. The pachhadi is made of sweet, soar, tamrind,mirchi and neem flowers. But seldom people know that a good tasty Rasam can be prepared through Vepambu or Neem flowers. Just add two spoons of ghee and put the neem flowers in the pan along with mustard to turn brown. Then add the ingredient to already prepared normal rasam with tamarind juice, rasam powder, salt and asofodita . It not only taste best but also great for the health.
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    Ugaadi pachchadi which is the special recipe prepared only on Ugaadi - Telugu New's day - is not prepared with neem leaves but is prepared with neem flowers.

    The special recipe contains shadruchulu as it is prepared with a combination of 6 tastes. The ingredients used are from the new yields. As you see neem flowers during this spring season (though hot summer now due to global warming), these are good for health and are used in Ugaadi pachchadi. The other ingredients of the pachchadi include jaggery (gur) made of the new yield of sugarcane, tamarind extract, mango cut into small pieces, salt, red chilli powder (or pepper powder). These are the 6 main ingredients and other ingredients which are optional include banana pieces, cut dry fruits like cashew, raisins etc.

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    Kalyani thanks for pointing out the mistake and it stands corrected now.
    K Mohan
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