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(This entry is the Special Prize Winner of TOW contest for the week 26th Mar-1st Apr-2017 on topic -Warrior)
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    Encourage them to be warriors not followers

    Parents love their children. This statement is an eternal truth. But what are the implications of this truth? Parents love their children so much that don't let them face their fate or fight the evils of their life on their own. When a son or daughter tries to cook something, her parents don't let her near the gas oven. They say, "We are here for you, we will take care of it". When a daughter or a son wants to buy groceries on their own, they say, "Not you little one, why bother when we are here?" Parents can't bear to see their young ones flying abroad for studies. They say, "You are to young to live alone. You are not mature enough to do so."
    Have the parents thought that by over caring for their children they are ruining their lives and future? They are breaking their morality and courage. Children never grow old in the eyes of their parents. That they will never mature. They will always need someone to help them out. They will never learn to be a warrior in the battles of life. Will their parents be protecting their children all their life? If not, who will help them in their problems?
    I would request all parents and parents to be, that guide your children. Motivate them to be a warrior in life and not a coward who depends on people for everything. Let them cook a little or study abroad. Help them when they are at it and always stay by their side. If you discourage them in such small issues, they will become a follower in life, but never a warrior.
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    True. Too much caring for children is not good for the children. As long as the parents take care too much of their children, children will never get matured. It will become a problem for their future. The parents should allow them to do their works on their own and advise them if you feel they require. If the mother is not allowing the daughter to learn cooking, after marriage how the daughter will manage.How you expect your daughter in law to perform in your house, your daughter has to perform the same way in her in laws house. So parents should mentor their children and see that they will become matured citizens.

    Even giving more money to the children is not good. They will never understand the value of money.

    At the same time some parents are giving too much liberty to their children. They misuse the liberty and imbibing bad habits. I have seen many boys before attaining age of 18 years start smoking with friends. Parents should have a watch and see that they won't imbibe bad habits.

    Too much is to be avoided in all aspects.

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    Yes, you are right.Parents should n't over protect their children.By over protecting them ,they make them coward.Parents should give them freedom to think ,freedom to learn through their mistakes.Children should get good education,Which make them physically fit ,mentally fit and spiritually high.Parents should n't be over protective.Over protection do n't help in character development of the children .They should help in being a child a warrior.Life is a battle,a child has to make his way himself.The day to day challenges of life give them lessons to learn.
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    You raised an excellent thread that deserves appreciation and award. Well done. A well thought and well presented thread on warrior.

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    Nice thread and this would certainly pep up the new mothers to follow the tips mentioned there in. Normally children are pampered and never put in bothering position by the parents and thus they do not know what is challenging situation and what is tricky position. Therefore they sail on the safe boat till the parents are behind them. But at one stage the boy or the girl has to learn the intricacy of life and that would be taxing too as they may curse the parents for not giving them training to be the warrior of every catch 22 situation of life. Nevertheless even in late age, the parents can inculcate this habit.
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    Parents must encourage their children to do all sort of works in the house not full time but occasionally. It will increase their self confidence and they will learn many things which will be useful for them in their future life.
    We should not protect them unnecessarily from all difficult things. It will in fact make them weak and fragile and if so how they will cope up in this tough and challenging world when they grow up.

    Knowledge is power.

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