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    Projection of warriors in movies.

    The movies both national and international always made it top if they project historical and warriors oriented movies. Recent example is Baahubali which hit in many screens across country and over the country too.

    Also the holly wood film Warrior remade in Hindi and kept on card for Tamil and Telugu but yet to be seen in news.

    The victory of Baahubali also lead the director to take Baahubali 2 which created a history on social media with its trailer itself.

    One thing all the movies which projected warrior always showed as strong and rebellious and there are many examples in movies and one which always Tamil audience enjoyed is the film Karnan and hence when the old film got it ready for digital the first one to go in Tamil is this film and the star Sivaji Ganesan who told to be born for it(in acting). But the unexpected the other side of the warrior as comedy is projected by a director differently in the Tamil film 23rd Pulikesi where the king will surrender at the last minute made the other king felt.

    So members please take this thread to discuss about various films pertaining to warriors and and this may be a consolidation of films from all languages.

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    The best warrior projected in Tamil film is - Veera Pandiya Kattabomman, a war film between the British and the Indian. A real warrior who will be remembered forever. Actor Sivaji Ganeshan best suited for the character Kattabomman.

    Members, Just Click here to know about Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.

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    I was always a great fan of action movies. These become even more fascinating when there's a touch of history in it.
    There's this movie called " The 13th warrior". According to me it was the most historically accurate and fantastically projected movie. Unfortunately it got poor ratings.
    But there's one movie ( wait actually two) which none can deny is amazing. 300. It has two parts. Can't say very historically accurate. But still one of the best historic action movie.
    It portrays what a warrior truly is. A warrior's life. His family's life. And how much responsibility he carries.
    I'm sorry to say this but Indian war movies or historic fictions always managed to disappoint me.
    We place morals above plot and put mindless stuff in between. And with a strategy like that, you can never make a good movie.

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    Thanks Sun and Aditya.

    The response of Sun as well as post of author dealt only with historic(king) warrior. And Aditya rightly pointed out about the authenticity of historic in movies.

    The response of Sun reminds me of the great artist Sivaji who has acted not only in historic warrior films(there are big list to go), there are many warriors of World War II he has acted. Those days, many social films started with fight portraying WWII and one among them to quote is 'Parthal Pasi Theerum' by great artists Sivaji, Savithri and one more film Andha Naal to dealt with war period.

    So members may come with other list of films from all languages.

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    I am not very familiar with Tamil movies. But I have seen many Telugu movies showing warriors. One such film is Balakrishna's Gautamiputra sri satakarni. A good movie showing the wars in a very nice way. Similarly Rani Rudrama Devi casting Anushka in the lead role is another film of warrior. How with the help of other friends managed the victory over her enemies is very well depcited. There was a great director called Vithalacharya in telugu. He made and directed many movies showing different warriors of different kingdoms fighting with each other for the sake of one princess or for the sake of expansion of their kingdom. He used to show many tricks on the screen like people entering into animal bodies etc., They used to collect lot of money from C class centers. Mainly acted by either NTR or Kanta rao.

    But here I want to mention a very good movie directed by Dasari Narayanarao. In this movie a warrior we fought for the nation comes back to the village. He gets astonished with the way the village VIPs behave and the way they are making money. He wanted to fight them out and successful in his pursuit. A very good movie in which NTR excelled.

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    Who can forget the great film Alluri Seetha Rama Raju, the great warrior of Andhra Pradesh who fought against the British army and earned the name and fame. He was the main warrior who recognized the freedom for gonds tribe and fought for their freedom. It may be noted that the poor and illiterate tribal people were exploited and oppressed blatantly by the Britishers and that bothered much to this great warrior. During his saga for freedom, he raided many Police stations and seized the guns and ammunition , gave them to the tribes and thus his war with the Britishers has become history.
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