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    The warrior in my village.

    When I was a student I was with my parents in a hilly town staying in a small rented house. We had our ancestral house in a village about 5 km from the town. My grandmother was staying there. We had some crop fields there and they were given to some labor class on crop sharing basis and the crop and vegetables were sufficient for grandmother's consumption. Other items we were providing her from town market.

    I used to visit my grandmother once a fortnight to replenish some of the material like tea, sugar, spices etc. and sometimes stayed for a day or two there. At that time roads were not built to the surrounding villages and we had to go to our village on feet.

    It was during those trips to the village that I saw this man Kripal Datt, a well known resident of my village, briskly walking up the slope to a small house in my village and by the time I crossed it he emerged out the house and smiled to see me. It is customary in villages to salute our seniors and use the word 'da' for elder brother. I immediately uttered "Pranam Kripal da." and he in his usual cheerful mood remarked " Oh, Grandma's boy. Come with goodies again."
    We just chatted and he told me that there was some problem with the pension of the war widow in that house and he had gone to town to settle the issues and now the pension will be coming to the post office without delay. I knew Kripal da was a retired person and was helping the villagers for quite some time. I was impressed by his selfless helping attitude and enquired him for just my curiosity what other helps he had rendered.
    I was mesmerized when he narrated all the issues people were facing and he offered his help and went to town to pursue the authorities and get the job done.

    I was really deeply impressed how this person is doing such a voluminous and exemplary work in this remote village.

    I feel he was the warrior in my village always helping and struggling for the welfare of his fellow villagers.

    This is my entry for the 'warrior' contest.
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    Some women and men of older generation have the guts and courage inculcated at the early age itself and they wont have any fear factor. And they mingle with others to live and guide for happy life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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