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    Life is not ‘nothing but survival’

    Well, a profound thought! How many of us do really have the time or the inclination to think such thoughts (or even the time to think)? Money, Kids, Work, Road rage, stupidity of others occupy too much of our time. The second choice is intentional, for this is mostly about the average life of a married Indian citizen as I perceive it. Do we really think about others around us (other than to criticize or take advantage of)? Do we really listen to the voices around us and understand them? Selfishness is not a virtue but nor is a sin. However, if other than thinking of taking advantage of every situation and acquaintance, if we think of giving
    a little to another (voluntarily) without a thought of getting something in return, is it not that not satisfaction in itself?

    Survival of the fittest.
    The Nature ordained that the fittest should survive. In insentient beings that may be true. That is the only way they can propagate successfully. Homo sapiens in a way have defied the Nature (and we are paying for it). Then, it should not be necessary to live an 'I am better than you' (survival of the fittest) (pun at its best!) life!

    Listening to the voices around you.
    That meant the choices we and our progeny have. All States and their constituents have their own agenda. Some are there for public service with the real intention of serving the public (in the real sense and not as bureaucrats or social workers for whom it is a profession) and others are there for the opportunity. Even then, as a common lay human struggling to survive, one may amiably contribute to the "Public Service". Give others the advantage and see how it works! One example than can be easily cited here is helping another while driving. In metropolitan areas where the streets are quite narrow keep to your lane and help at least one another driver to turn or reverse once a day. Help at least one other in a day.
    That was a small part of about 'listening to voices' (listen to ourselves cribbing about other idiot drivers not letting us reverse or turn to a side street on the right). The best part is about what we should or should not do in a society (take it as a metropolis or a small hamlet, the voices are the same.) Many NGOs and other such agencies (staffed with professional social workers) exhort the public (Us) to contribute to social welfare. With money, kind or social (voluntary) work. Good for the society. But the way I see it If we do things on a regular basis where we can contribute to the society by activities such as not littering, saving fossil fuels, generating as much greenery as we can during our able life time, we will be doing a greater contribution than giving a monetary donation or putting in a few hours of voluntary effort. Such voices are also around us and within us if we understand or care enough.
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    For those who leave home daily for work or for other matter and until they reach home it is a worry some time for the people waiting at home. The reason being greater uncertainty on roads. We may be sincere citizens and well versed with road signs and road rules. But there are many on the roads, who got the license to drive without even knowing the basics of road cultures and how to drive. That makes our life more risk as we do now know which vehicle would hit us from which side. Nevertheless we must be careful and give way for the rogue vehicles which honk behind us and let us drive peacefully even at the cost of little late.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No doubt human beings are the selfish lots and they only bother for themselves. They want to survive even if it is on others cost.

    The author has invoked a very important aspect of life in this thread - coming out of our selfish self and extend co-operation and help to the fellow beings.

    If we want to make the society a place for harmonious and enjoyable living we will have to suppress our greed and selfishness and start extending the warm hands to the needy and strong hands to the weak and then only the true meaning of humanity will emerge out.

    It is not that by doing great and big deeds only we can help the people. Even small things like slow driving in lanes, give way to the passing vehicles, make queues, reduce noise pollution, help and co-operate people to keep places clean etc.

    So let us not think only for our survival but think of the survival of human race.

    Knowledge is power.

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