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    Timelines for articles approval

    I would like to know from editors what is the maximum number of days in which we can expect our articles posted in ISC to get reviewed and approved. I understand it depends on workload of editors but still is there any upper limit on it ?
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    Jignesh Vora, the main essence of this site is article section and those who are submitting the resources are suppose to follow the posting guidelines and the editors will ensure full checking of the articles thus submitted for various parameters and then approve the resources. So it will at least take 48 hours to 72 hours for the regular member articles and it may further take time for the new members articles as they are bound to make mistakes, may fail to follow the posting guidelines etc. However this is not the hard an fast rule. If the article is impressive and has all the ingredients, then approval would also be quick. Since you have raised this question, please note that a impressive article should contain a good title, a nice summary, a very good detailed body content with images and illustrations and finally the observation of the author on the subject matter. If such own resources are created and submitted, it may get fast approval.
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    Since all Editors are volunteers there is theoretically no upper time limit on the approval of the articles. However, from a practical sense, since it is an active website and the Webmasters won't want to see a lot of unapproved articles, you can expect the article to be reviewed within 24 hours to anywhere within 1 week.
    It is best to not wait for approval of articles and keep contributing at your pace. Once you get a notification regarding the change in the status of your article you can check out the article once again.

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    Thanks for your answers. So does same timelines also applicable for forum threads, ask expert answers and other categories of ISC ?

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    Forum threads are approved automatically by automated system and during the day the forum editor shall review for any deviations and then regularize or punish the authors. Ask experts section is also automated and reviewed later by the concerned editors.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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