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    Military teaches and preaches ordinary man into a great warrior of self respect.

    When you go through the Military training ground, you can see how the trainees are made to wake up early in the morning, made to run far without break and they are given drills of different nature to keep their body fit and ever active. This attitude makes even the ordinary man who just joined the armed forces to reckon with josh and junoon and gets ready to fight with enemy at the drop of the hat. That great enthusiasm created at the training ground makes them the great warrior in making and that would sustain for ever.
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    Army training is really very stringent and effective and prepares the soldiers for the challenging task ahead - safeguarding their country.

    In some countries after a student completes his education he has to undergo a military training and only afterwards he can apply for a job. This prepares him to able to serve the country in case of war when their is a shortage of soldiers.

    Anyway army training prepares a person to fully understand the importance of good physique and physical strength which is required for fighting the enemies in war fields.

    Knowledge is power.

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