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    Foodie or a Food Addict

    Being a foodie and a food addict are two different things. So do you know what the difference between the two is? Kindly explain with an example so that it is more clear to everyone.
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    Foodie is the person who would be on searching spree to taste different king of foods that are being prepared in different locations. There are people who want to taste every food being made in different regions of the country and thus they are called foodies. On the other hand Food Addicts are those who want to taste the same food again and again. For example Hyderabad Biryani is famous at Paradise Restaurant in Secunderabad. There are people who often visit this place to enjoy the Biryani again and again. That is called addiction to a particular dish for which people wont budge.
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    In my opinion foodie is who want to taste different taste of food. Who goes to restaurants and hotels to taste variety of food, and food addicted is who eat every time even if he is not hungry. They have their own habit of chewing something all the time.. They don't want variety but want food every time.

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    A foodie always likes to have new food experiences. He tries to go different places and taste different types of foods available. They always cherish by having different tastes. Even he eats the same food in different places and cherish the different tastes.

    Food Addict is one who always eats more and more junk food which is not good for health. Even though he knows that eating that much food is not good,l he eats mere and more food. This is like drug addict. One of my uncle was diabetic. Doctor advised him not to eat sweets and not to eat full stomach. But he was not able to control himself and used to eat more and more sweets. He was food Addict. He is no more now,

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    Foodie is a person who wants to have the taste of different dishes of various places. He has got taste buds to check and find out the difference between two dishes which may be very near to each other in terms of preparation and basic ingredients. He can tell you the difference between one recipe to other as per their taste and texture. He will go on experimenting with new and new dishes to taste whenever he gets an opportunity for the same.

    On the other hand a food addict is not bothered about the subtle variations from one dish to another and is only concerned for the sufficient quantity to fulfil his hunger pangs. He believes in quantity rather than the quality.

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    There can be a foodie but never a food addict. Every human being is a food addict by nature. Food is a very common thing that we need. We can have liquor addict, drug addict etc, not food addict. We all need to take food to live.

    As said by other members, Foodie is a person who wishes to taste different types of food sparing nothing.

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