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    Use of Banned Products in India

    When a product is banned, it means its use has to be discontinued forever. A prohibition of a product is always done for public safety. But, in India, neglecting the safety of an individual the banned products are still used in India by many. Why there is no strict action taken by the Indian Government on this issue? What have you to say about this? Please share your views.
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    Unfortunately in India the people are habituated and addicted to the banned products and that is the reason being so there is always thriving under hand business even for banned products. When there was total prohibition of liquor during NTR regime in AP then, the people of Hyderabad used to travel to Bidar which is 140 km from Hyderabad to have booze. Moreover there was clandestine business running as the Military personnel used to sell their quota of liquor to public at hefty price. What I mean to say here that people know the other way to bring the products and enjoy. Though gutka has been banned, the Kirana and pan shops do sell the same not in public but they do oblige their regular customers with packets given in clandestine manner. Even police and law enforcement agencies know this happenings..
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    Indians are not worried about their health and they want to cherish with whatever they like. In our country cigarette smoking is not good for health. It is prohibited in open places as it spoils the health of neighboring people also. But how many are following this. Even police people also smoke on the roads. Many medicines banned in other countries are not banned in India. People merrily use those medicines. If liquor is not available, they will never hesitate to go long distances to have it

    Government is doing its part. They discouraging smoking. Every budget the tax ob tobacco products increased. They banned the liquor for some time in AP, but people never stopped drinking. Illegal liquor is available plenty. This is too dangerous. Government lifted prohibition. By consuming banned products, the person who is doing that is getting spoiled. So he has to realize himself. Otherwise nobody can improve the situation.

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