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    Which medicines are the best to treat all kinds of diseases?

    There has been these three different sections of medicines: Allopathic/English Medicines, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines. Out of these, which medicine would you prefer to consume if you are suffering from a disease or illness and why? Do the medicines under these categories have their merits and demerits? If so, please mention few of them.
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    As per my views, we cannot underestimate the presence of Allopathic, Homeo and Ayurvedic medicines which have their own distinct importance for some chronic diseases and that cannot be disputed. Allopathy medicines are used for some advanced illness in person and there is no secondary for that, Homeo medicines are very effective if the real disease is detected at inception stage and the medicine taken would be very effective and ultimate. And Ayurveidc medicines are based on vath, path , and pith presence in the persons and they are also effective if it was rightly recognized by the Ayur expert. Here I want to give one instance where in my father in law was having corns in the feet and that could not be treated fully with Allopathy and Ayur medicines. But in Homeo there are sure and ultimate treatment for that and the corns were totally vanished.
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    You would only need a medicine when you are ill right? So why go for cure, when you can go for prevention?
    Food, water and sleep determines the immunity of your body to a great extent. You just have to monitor your intake and do sufficient exercise. Although if there was a showdown or a competition between treatments, I am on Ayurveda's side. There's a problem though, the raw materials aren't readily available in ayurveda and most ayurvedic medicines cannot be stored for a long time. Moreover Ayurvedic medicines come with certain constrains.
    But even with all these flaws, Ayurveda is proven to be efficient in curing the most chronic diseases.

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    I also feel Ayurveda medicines are good at curing diseases of different types. It may take more time but it will cure till the roots of diseases are removed from your body and there will be no side effects. My grandfather was practicing Ayurveda. He had cured many ailments. Once my sister was suffering from fever. Temperature was very high. We wanted to take her to an allopathic doctor in the neighboring town which might have taken about thirty minutes to reach. Before starting my grand father had given a medicine to her. On the way she had a loose motion and by the time we reached allopathic doctor the temperature had come down. That doctor told that the medicine given to her before starting only saved her.

    Allopathy cures fast. But side effects are more. It may not cure the problem permanently.

    Homeopathy medicines are also good, I agree. But the important point here is the Physician should understand the disease correctly. So the diagnosis is very important here.

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    It depends upon the severity of illness that we have to decide the selection of a particular system of medicine. If a life threatening attack of a disease is there everyone will be going for Allopathy.
    Allopathy so far is the most advanced system of medicine and surgery available to mankind today and it is backed by lot of research and ground work. Unfortunately this system of medicine has lot of side effects which many times trap the patient in another type of complication. Over and above that there are various ailments where Allopathy also fails (like cancer). In many ailments it does not cure but manages and patient has to take medicine life long. For example Tuberculosis is perfectly treated by Allopathy by certain medicines in few months while for blood pressure (hypertension) you have to take medicine life long.

    Ayurveda system is based on action of medicinal plants and their products on human ailment. This system is based on natural products and as such do not produce side effects. In many ailments these successfully treat the patients but in severe infections and serious illness the efficacy of these medicines is questionable. It is believed that ayurvedic system of medicines is more effective on people having disciplined and yoga following life style.

    The homeopathic medicines are based entirely on a different principle and mechanism of 'like cures like' and is not backed by as much research as has been done in Allopathy. The system has not gone much changes in diagnosis and prescription than what was propounded by its founder Hahnemann, a German physician long back in 18th century. It is believed that if diagnosis is correct this system is able to treat many diseases. One surprising element in this system is that the potency or effectiveness of a formulation increases with more and more dilution of the raw medicine. This may not be palatable to modern day scientist. Still homeopathy is a world wide popular system of medicines. One of the reasons of its popularity is that it does not produce side actions.

    Every system has its merit and demerits and it is to be taken after considering the pros and cons.

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