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    Students are the greatest warrior in life

    Student life is the most fun loving part of a person's life. They live by different values throughout this life knowledge is garnered for use in the later part of his life. It's the right time to cultivate and hone one's skill and talent. The seed of germination of a person's career is sowed in this stage. The seed that a student sow is the number of work and labour spends with his studies.

    Study is the most important aspect in the life of a student. "As you sow shall you reap" is the right proverb attributed to a student. This is the right time to nurture for the battle called life. For in this stage, the foundation of a person gets laid.

    Student life has no rewind. So, student's life is the most critical and the decider of the battle called life. There's no turning back in the battle because there is no rewind. To fight the battle easily be fought, students has to study hard and study wisely.

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    Rightly said by the author as the students are the greatest warriors in their life as they have to cope up with their studies, their position at the school and their responsibility at the home to be a good child. Parents do give more importance to children and that does not mean that they take light on studies. So students has to toil for studies and that is no mean task and takes great guts like warrior as they have to surge ahead of competing students and yet maintain the rank. The greater situation where a student has to be commended when the parent -teacher meeting would be held and there mixed response from teachers for and against the student is possible. At that stage a warrior is born in the student. One thing is sure if the student fight back in his school and college days, then he is rest assured for life.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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