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    Inspiration is a great instrument of motivation

    Inspiration is a great instrument of motivation.If we want to motivate some one ,we should inspire him or her.Inspiration acts as an ointment.By getting inspiration people change their attitude.Mahatma Buddha changed the attitude of Angulimal .He left to loot people,he became devotee of Buddha. Tulshi Das inspired by his wife and he became devotee of Lord Rama,wrote RamCharit Manas .History is full of evidences of inspirations.Robert Bruce inspired to see the efforts of a spider.So getting inspiration from you ,one can change his/her attitude.Please share your thoughts about it.Have you changed the attitude of any one by inspiring him /her.How do you feel when some one changes his /her attitude?
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    Being inspirational to other means one has to be perfect in their tasks and responsibility and also accountable to their miss adventure and wrong advise. Many in the history were inspiration to us and the history is the testimony for that. There cannot be age specification for getting inspiration. A child can be inspiration to a elder person. A ant can be a inspiration to a failing person. A differently able person can be inspiration to a all good health person. So it all depends on how we take. Normally we undermine and underestimate the potential of any person by his face and body language. But never think to give a chance. If a chance is given on right platform, even those who were sulking and not having exposure would certainly get highlighted. So all we need is the helping hand to bring us in spot light and we may be inspiration to others.
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    Inspiration and motivation are contagious I say. If I'm working with my fullest determination and doing my work splendidly, my colleagues will be forced to follow my path. I think the reason is biological. Incompetence is the greatest sin in the animal world. Competition is the only way to ensure survival. Therefore, even a pinch of motivation can stir an enormous response in a group.
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