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    Old Age Home should n't be encouraged to open in India

    Old Age home should n't be encouraged to open in India.It is n't a part of our culture to leave the parents in old age homes.Our success is n't meaningful ,when we don't take the responsibilities of our parents in their old ages.We should give them proper facilities,as they had given us in our child hood.There should be Govt . department to see the plight of old aged people.Moral punishment and penalty should be imposed on people ,who do n't take care of their old aged parents.What are your opinion about old age homes in India.Should n't it be closed?
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    I am really moved by this great appeal from the author which must be bothering those who have discarded parents and put them in old age homes for their own ulterior motives. The main reason for difference of opinion between parents and the child is that after marriage the boy tilt towards the diktat and preference of his wife and she wants exclusive enjoyment in life without the disturbance of elders at home. And husband has to agree otherwise his life would become miserable. This kind of situation is present in almost all the homes and the elders though some of them of earning some decent income through their pensions are not cared. Even private nurses are not considered to look after the sick elders and thus the elders are forced take refuge at old age homes with their available pensions.
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    You must know that it is illegal in China to abandon your parents. There are countries which have already taken the initiative. India merely has to follow. But I think the government must understand the reason behind these abandoning. Not all those abandoned have heartless children. Maybe there's a better reason. We have to fully inquire about the situation before taking an action. First, according to me, a survey must be conducted in old age homes throughout India, to detect where the flaw is. For an instance, an extremely loving individual, might have to leave his parents at an old age home because he just can't support himself. In this case the individual simply ensured the safety and well-being of his parents and took the most practical approach possible.
    So, I would like to conclude that it's not just the difference of opinions that give rise to establishment of old age homes but also various other social and psychological factors. Hence unfortunately old age homes must bear a little longer till a proper survey or interrogation is made.

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    When parents are not treated properly, then what is the other way? Old age homes, I personally feel are catering the welfare of the old and some people find more peace there than spending with their disregarding kids. It is also possible that old people find it difficult to spend their time where both the son and daughter-in-law work and leave them alone till the night. The nuclear family structure made relations more isolated and children have become self-centric in many cases. In such a scenario, it is better to place them in old age homes and don't think that I am supporting it but trying to say it is an alternative and better than neglecting them.

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    If you discourage the opening of old age homes in India, imagine the plight of the neglected parents? It's not wrong to open old age homes as these are providing shelter to the otherwise deserted parents. The old aged people are getting the company of their peers and some of them are living contented life in these homes. But if they live with their children who are unwilling to look after them, then the parents live in miserable life with no one to care for them. They cannot share their feeling with others family members at home and feel depressed.

    But it is not so in the old age homes, there are people of their age who care for them. They can freely share their feeling with the people in their circle which reduces the burden of their hearts. In one way, it is good to have old age homes for the deserted parents.

    However, I'm not at in support of those who desert their parents but I do encourage the opening of old age homes. Otherwise the parents have to lead a miserable life. It is better to in a place where they enjoy freedom without any restrictions.

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    It is the moral responsibility of the children to take care of their parents during their old age. Nobody should avoid them. Some children think that spending money for parents is enough. But it is not the money alone, the love, the affection and the time you spend with them are more important for them.So young generation shouldn't deject their parents.

    The parents when they are young they encourage their children to go and settle in other countries for want of money. When they go there and settle there they don't have interest to come back to India. These old parents don't want to leave India. There these old age homes are coming for help. There are many good old age homes where good facilities are available and basing on your affordability, they provide all facilities for the people stay there. So not allowing to open Ola age homes may not be a correct proposal. But bringing up the consciousness in the children about their responsibilities and ethical values is more important. Our education system should bring in these values in their mind.

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    Undoubtedly it is the responsibility of the children to take care of the parents though they are not dependent on the children financially. As our valuable members cited, in the present generation and circumstances no other alternatives are available except the old aged homes for the neglected and separated parents. In our present society there are specialised laws for protection women and protection of children (minors). Like wise our governments should think of forming a separate set of laws / acts to get rid of this issue. I am not sure if at all such kind of laws exists in our country, those should be implemented stringently.

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    Abandoning aged parents is no doubt a crime. But sending them to old age homes due to different valid reasons is something that cannot be avoided in the present circumstances. So, calling for a lockout of old age homes does not seem to be practically viable in the present day situation.
    Nuclear family, affordability, busy schedule of children and many other factors are often cited as reasons for sending parents to old age homes. The system of day care centers for the aged are also coming up in different parts of the country.

    I don't think old age homes are a place where aged parents feel happy or contented. Having spent their good years for the children, they do feel neglected and lost when they are shifted to an entirely new surrounding. I personally consider it as inhuman but then I know some inmates of old age homes who are happier in such homes than being with their children because they don't feel lonely out there. They opt for such places due to the neglect and lack of care they had to bear with in the house of their children. Geriatric care is becoming a social issue especially with the increase in the lifespan of people in India. There is no point in forcing a ward to take care of his/her aged parent because we cannot ensure that they are taken care of properly.

    So, whether one agree or disagree, old age homes is already an inevitable requirement in our present day society and more of it will keep coming up; it is already a profit making business for some who have special homes especially for those who are rich. But, I think that the need of the hour is to have a government body to strictly monitor and regulate the functions of such old age homes or geriatric care centers.

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    As per Indian culture the children are supposed to take care of the parents. This was being followed in our society for a long time and there was absolutely no problem in that account. With the advent of time modern life styles emerged out and joint families started disintegrating giving way to small families. This lead to a problem - who will keep the parents with him.

    Today the family norm is limited to husband, wife and children. Even if parents are staying with them, they are remaining in seclusion. This has created a miserable life for parents as they can not do any thing in their children house on their own. They feel their selves as outsiders.

    Old age homes are now coming up as a second hope for these elderly persons as they feel that they will be free and happy there. Unfortunately in India most of these old homes are not up to the mark and the food and other huygene conditions are not good. So even if you pay the monthly maintenance charges there is no guarantee of good service.

    Good old homes with good services and amenities will be beyond the reach of most of the elders and practically these elderly people are under a catch 22 situation. Where to stay ?

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