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    "How we took him down", describes Aaron.

    A poem written by me for all those who participated in wretched World war 2.

    We descended in Normandy one after one
    We descended like angels from heaven
    To rescue the world from Hitler's madness
    We descended as our parachutes opened.
    "God bless USA"
    I heard every soldier say
    I cried out with them too
    Marching at my Captain's cue.
    Such is the curse of an army man
    To give his life away at one command.

    President Roosevelt had Japan's matter dealt
    And so with Italy's Mussolini
    All that is left is withdrawal of Nazis
    That's why we descended in Normandy.
    Bucket full of tears
    Heart filled with fears
    We marched towards death for
    what felt like years

    We were welcomed by a storm
    Winds whipped our energy away
    We tried to keep ourselves calm
    Started marching in our way.
    Ravens circling in the skies
    We started fearing for our lives
    And the sand on the beach
    Accompanied by wind started to rise.
    Bad omens are too many,
    Consider yourself lucky Germany!
    We camped at the beach
    Far beyond those Nazi's reach.

    Soon Sun made a cameo among the clouds
    Winds finally hushed, we got aroused.
    We didn't march, but ran towards death,
    We ran whereever our captain led.
    The border security was defeated pretty soon
    We captured them all by afternoon
    That's how my first day at Normandy went
    Now I lay on bed with my energy spent.
    I smiled at the photographs of my wife Janice and my son Matthew
    We were a small and warm family, got separated by World war 2.

    Downing hot mugs of coffee we kept ourselves wide awake
    Enemy can be anywhere, we can afford no mistake.
    With the first rays of the sun
    I rose up and prepared my gun.
    Stealthily we moved towards the capital.
    Guess what?We're heavily outnumbered today
    Get ready boys! It's time to play.
    Good for us! The grooves we dug before, act as a hideaway.

    We took them down one by one
    Reloading quickly for another turn
    Suspended in turmoil I lost my perception.

    I slipped down into a groove
    I can't even move
    That's when I saw James.
    "Thank goodness James!"
    I said to my best friend.
    "Not here Aaron" said James
    "We'll see it to the end".
    James carried me by my shoulder,
    "Don't you think you're getting older?"
    He said those words smiling at me.
    I smiled back with equal glee.
    Prayers were loud enough to deafen Gods
    We were fighting desperately against the odds
    Dead have little more significance than a bug
    The day we joined Army, we had our graves dug.

    Bullets started raining upon us
    Decorating us with blood and puss
    Just when I thought everything was going according to the plan
    A live grenade came flying into our land
    It exploded with a wave of heat
    Sweeping my men off their feet
    I took a direct hit to my heart
    And shrapnel had shred James apart.
    Together we joined
    Together we fell
    See you later brother
    In paradise or hell

    Shortly after Aaron died
    Hitler committed suicide

    Democracy had a tale to tell
    "How we saved the world from hell".

    (This is my TOW entry about warriors).
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    A very moving, touching and lively description of world war 2 happenings in real terms with poetic content. The narration was virtually taking us to the battle field. Nice try.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very nice and deeply affecting poem bringing back the dark and fearful memories of WW2. The description of the forces descending on enemy grounds is presented in a good poetic form.
    Definitely they were the real warriors in the war fields.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I appreciate the poem. The young author Mohan has taken lot of pain to read and compose a poem on old world war two. Yet it requires lot of patience to go through the extra long poem.
    No life without Sun

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