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    Do you believe that memory enhancing formulations available in market are really effective ?

    There are many memory enhancing products available in market. These formulations are based on ayurvedic or natural or allopathic system of medicines.

    Some people claim that these were beneficial to them while others totally reject them telling that there was no improvement in their condition.

    What is your experience or opinion in this regard ?
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    It is nothing but a business tactics to promote their product and make money. Even Horlics promoters say that it helps to improve memory power.
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    I do not believe in the memory enhancing formulations available in the market, which are nothing but using the marketing technique to earn something on the weakness of people who are weak in the memory.. Nothing is better than taking two badam pieces daily. Also take some milk before going to the bed and that will surely enhance the memory power automatically. Moreover read books and observe the people and their behavior. Remember them relating to some incident or the issues. Surely you will recall the words or instances easily. Do not spend any money on memory enhancing syrup or powders.
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    I know two Ayurveda formulations. One is known as Brahmi Oil. It is made of a medicinal plant called Brahmi. If you apply to your head, it will decrease the heat in your brain. It will improve your memory power by keeping your brain always cool. I was using this in my college days. It definitely improved my memory power. Another one is known in Telugu as "Saraswathi Lehyam'. It is a semi solid made from medicinal plants. Every day if you use it, it will be useful.

    But please purchase these medicines from a well known Ayurveda medicine manufacturer only. Many people are selling fake products on this name. Be careful in selecting the medicine.

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