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    What will you do if you are angry?

    It is not a serious question to test one's personality trait. A very simple one just recollecting our memories as to how we reacted when we get angry at someone. We can't do anything except to get angry and can't express also. At such times, we try to see some alternatives to show our anger to the other end.

    During my childhood, my father used to shout at me for my poor performance or some naughty things I have done. I felt insulted and used to miss the place (going exile!) for sometime and my poor mother and sisters and brother were searching for me. This gave me some sense of retaliation and after my return, father used to console me. I felt I have won. When I used to be angry with my friends in college days, I used to be silent and they felt bored to see me like that and tried to pacify me. My ego got satisfied. After marriage, when I got angry with my sweet heart, I used to collect all my clothes and started pressing them. A minimum of 15 dresses used to be pressed at one go. Poor lady was sympathetic and worried about my back pain (if I may get) and starts requesting me to stop the work with a healing hand on my shoulder. I am impressed and got cooled! Also I use to go a for a long walk when I get disturbed.

    So, friends, let us know how about you?
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    very nice question. I am very short tempered and I always try to be happy. But when every I get angry, I suddenly stop talking with anybody. Even I stop talking with my family members. I need one night to refresh my mood again.
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    When people are angry, they can't think properly. So they behave in a different ways. If somebody shouts on us we will get angry. We will try to shout back. If some body shouts on me,I will keep quite and think why he shouted on me. If I find any reason for other person's shouting, I will try to correct myself. If I am not finding any reason or found no mistake, I will remember the incident and reserve my anger. When a chance comes, I will revert back and give him a fitting reply.

    But getting angry is not good. Unnecessarily blood pressure will increase and spoil your health. Anger will increase your hatred and make you rest less. So try to be patient.

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    Normally when one person is cool and another person is hot, the situation would ease out. But when both of them are in angry mood then the retaliation would be multi-fold. It is better to resign from the place for a while and then enter if the angry mood is subsidized. For elders they always get a passion to should against others and they feel that is their right. We must allow them to cherish that moment. For us it is not insult but facilitating a person to vent his ire and then get satisfied. Nevertheless those who chide and get angry with us are those who really care and worry for us.
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    I am of the opinion that anger, like any other emotion, must be expressed. There is no point in carrying the burden ahead. I do get angry at times, as do all human beings, but the level of expression varies according to situations or the persons we are dealing with. I may be angry but may try to control it with a subdued expression if I am angry with my parents or elders, may be a next level when it is with friends and may be more explosive when it is with siblings or wife or children. There is nothing wrong in getting angry but we must be able to regulate the same so that the situation does not go out of hand.
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    Like other mortals I also get angry time to time and every time I struggle to get out of this in minimum time. Anger is a peculiar trait and more you remain uder its spell more damage it does. Coping with anger is an art and different people tackle it differently.
    I try to change my mood by immediately leaving the situation as it is and try to engage myself in some constructive job elsewhere. This helps to a large extent as I slowly get engrossed with my new activity.

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    What you are doing is absolutely right. Anger is a form of energy. You need to give it a path. A right path where this energy can be turned into work. I rarely get angry. But I wish I could cope with my anger many times. I get out of control in anger.
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