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    WOMAN is a great Warrior we could ever see

    Warrior - the moment the word reaches our ears, the inside google of ours (I mean the brain) gives many results within no time indicating historical background involving kings and kingdoms, horses, elephants, arrows, etc. But when I refine the search of my inside google, I could get a concept of a great warrior of our society who is always with us and in and around our vicinity – a FEMALE person.

    After conceiving by a mother, to get a rightful birth and to see this beautiful world, a female baby is being protected by certain Laws and Acts. With the help of such Laws and Acts only, so many female babies are able to come out from the uterus of a mother. Even after the birth also, during the process of her growth from baby to a successful woman in the society, she has to struggle, fight, frustrate, quarrel, adjust with her siblings, friends, neighbours, relations, sometimes even with parents also. The woman habituates to face challenges right from her house in the form domination from her brothers. After sometime, domination of co-students (male) in the schools and colleges and then progressing to further stage of her life, her life partner. And sometimes with her children also, she has to be in the chain of facing the challenges. No woman is exempted from facing challenges in her life in this society and despite of the challenges, we have so many inspired and great women leaders in the world name to many, right from the ages to till today.

    So if we see the whole life of a woman right from the fetal stage to her last breathe, she is the conqueror at every stage and hence I dare to say a WOMAN, who is very near to us, with us and in and around our society is a significant WARRIOR we could ever see (can see) with our own eyes.
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    Yes a women is a great warrior by virtue of every progress in life. Born as the girl child she tends to learn the intricacies of house hold chores early from the mother and thus her stride towards facing the life at young age begins. As she goes to school, she has to cope with studies and also house hold works now and then along with mother. Once after studies, she is taught of cooking by mother and thus her different life is about to start. Once the marriage is fixed and concluded, she done the role of a wife and she fully takes control of in laws and their family members. Thus she has to face the challenge at every walk of life and in in laws house she becomes most sought after for every small requirements and thus she has to have at least 16 hands to cope with the growing demand of wants among the family members of in laws.
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    Yes. Females are really struggling with in their life to establish themselves and fulfill the requirements of in law's family. I have seen some ladies working outside as teachers, bank clerks and stenos. They have to come to office in time. Before coming to office they have to make everything ready in the house for husband,children and in laws. She gets up very early , get all the works done, get ready and go to office. She has to complete her duty there and evening she will be back home. Again she has to struggle in the house for the household works. All this put together she may have to work around 14 to 15 hours a day. No male may be struggling that much. Of course exemptions will always there for anything and everything. Born and brought up some where, getting married and go to an unknown place, adjust with unknown people and render service to them. This how a femalelfe looks. Really she is a great warrior.
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