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    Mirror wont bluff like wise shadow wont leave us - examples for best friends.

    Best friends can always be compared with mirror and the shadow. If we stand in front of the mirror it will portray as it is and it cannot go wrong or bluff so are the friends who are mirror to us as they cannot go wrong or bluff. Like wise our shadow wont leave away from us as shadow do follow us where ever we go as friends also be with us in bad and good times and best friends wont leave from us. One thing is sure, if the mirror is broken we wont keep in the home, like wise when a trust is broken in friendship then that is the end of the matter.
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    I would simply say that just a friend is like a mirror that can break, but a best friend is like a shadow which will never part.
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    Correct. Friends are really required in life. I have read a poem in my school days. The meaning of that poem is when the water pond is full,many frogs will come. But when the tank get dried, all the frogs will run away. They never care about the pond. Likewise relatives may be coming to you when you have money and they require your services. But when they feel you are of no use, no relative will look at you. But a friend is different. He will help you when you are in difficulties. They share your joy as well as sorrow. So I agree that friends are like mirrors and best friends are like our shadows. Real friends will never leave a stone unturned to help you out from your problems. But you should be careful in selecting friends. Some people will be your friends to get their works done. Once it is over they may not even respond to your phone call. So choose a friend correctly. A friend in need is friend indeed.
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