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    Air coolers need cross ventilation otherwise suffocation is for sure

    Due to space constraints in cities, we tend to keep the air coolers inside our bed rooms itself and use it especially during summer season. And due to fear of mosquitoes entering the bed rooms , the windows are securely locked and even netted. In this circumstances when we operate the air coolers, the room wont get the cool effect. It must have the cross ventilation , otherwise in the middle of the night suffocation is for sure. Though you can switch on the fan to give some sort of air circulation to the cooler, that is not recommended.
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    Yes. Coolers require cross ventilation. Otherwise air coming out will be very hot. It works like a exhaust fan. The air from the atmosphere is exhausted through the cooler fan. This coolers will have water. so air will pass through the water and then vented through the fan. If there is no water also the cooler air will be hot only. It is advisable to keep the cooler outside the window in such a way that fan will be facing the room. Then you will have a cool breeze.
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