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    Which kind of education is superior: Gurukul way of learning or Montessori ?

    In olden days the great scholars were sent to Gurukul way of learning where in apart from the real education the Guru would teach all the intricacies of life such as manners, ethics, how to be calm and how to accept challenges and how to get over emotions. Now in this modern era we seldom find such Gurukul and we are are having access to Montessori way of learning as the beginner. Are we getting all those inputs which we were destined to get through Gurukul by persuading the new way of education. Make your presence felt in this post.
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    Gurukul system was full of practical training of life .Montessory System gives training through using sense organ,activities classes,interaction classes.This system is an advanced form of Gurukul System.In modern era education should be given as montessory way.Situations are changed and we should provide education as the need of time.Children should have knowledge of electronic gadgets.They have to work on them in future.The methods ,which were used in gurukul are changed.These days global community is developing.So they should have knowledge of other languages also.
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    Education is a must for all. The question is whether we go for Gurukul system or Montessori system. My answer for this question is both are equally good. It depends on the teacher who teaches and the student who learns.

    One should know the importance of life, the way we have to live, the importance of ethics and moral values . These points should be addressed in education. Education is different and skills are different. Skills are required for you to earn for your life and education is required to know how to live.

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