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    No clarification from Bank's side and government side regarding Bank service charges!!

    Previously Private Banks like ICICI, HDFC, AXIS etc. have announced hefty service charges for all kinds of transactions, maintaining minimum account balance etc. and are likely to adhere strictly towards their announcement. But Public Bank like SBI also announced, it is going to implement new charges for all kinds of transactions including use of credit or debit cards. Already we are receiving messages for various service charges for all bank transactions even more than before from banks. Some of the new rules are going to be implemented from 1st April. People thought there will be some relief words regarding these service charges from government or from banks. But there is no other word from banks side or from governments side. Government promised it will give some relief measures payments through debit or credit cards. But most of the payments at present charging service charges for all transactions and payments. For example, I have paid House Tax through online mode which costed Rs.26 as service charge and if I have paid through cash there will be no charge. Why government is insensitive regarding these issues if they are interested to promote online transactions? Only SBI has announced regarding these service charges and what about the other banks?
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    The SBI Chairman has gone on record that banks are incurring losses for its functioning in rural areas, more ATM's and cost maintaining them and lesser deposits and more loan seekers has forced them to have service charges from regular users in urban areas. So even If government interferes there wont be any change in their stance. In fact the bankers does not want waiver of farm loans which has become poll promise by every political party and that is jeopardizing the banks. Therefore in this back drop the service charges would be levied and those banks which are mum will also join the band wagon.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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