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    Should we believe in our fate or our karma

    Some people say we should believe in our fate but some say we should believe in our actions.Fate plays great role in our life.It was fate of Harish Chandra that he had to perform the duties of Shamsan .It was the fate of Rama ,he had lived the life of commoner 14 years.But common people have changed their fate and do uncommon work.We see it through evidences these days.The students of poor families have given results in IIT and UPSC exams.These all are possible through hard work and determination.But on the other hand some people work hard ,but they struggle for their livelihood.Should we believe in fate?Should we believe in Karma?Should we believe in both of them?
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    Well, it is an interesting thread raised by the author. According to me, we should accept both the things in our life. Like, fate is something that we need to face in our life to overcome certain obstacles in our life. For example, if an individual meets with an accident and loses his legs it was his/her fate. Though the accident was not made purposefully, it was destined to happen. An unfortunate incident that the person needed to face in his/her life.
    On the contrary, Karma is like something entirely connected with our life. Like, the fruits that we cherish today, in our present life, is because of the good things or good deeds that we did in our previous life. For example, you have a friend who is rich and enjoys all the luxuries in life whereas you on the other side is limited to live such a lifestyle. This maybe because of your Karma, that is, your friend must have done something good in his/her previous life, and so God has blessed him/her with all the luxuries in life. While you on the other side didn't do much good in your previous life, and so God blessed you with what you deserved to get in this life.
    I hope I was able to answer your thread effectively. In case, if I am incorrect somewhere in any of the point kept by me, the author of this thread and also the other authors who will comment on this thread are most welcome to correct me.

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    Yes nice and very interesting tread has been generated by author. I Believe in both fate and karma. When you have fate , your work will get 100% effort. There is less effort in work when you do not have fate.
    So, 100% effort is possible only by fate. Hence fate and action both are necessary in my opinion.

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    Yes. We should have belief in both Karma and fate.
    Even we take all care required. We do hard work. We don't leave anything as unimportant. Even then if the results are not to our expectations. It is our fate,

    All human beings will be doing some work. Knowingly or unknowingly we may be doing some unwanted acts. The effect of this is to be experienced by you. It may be in the same life or previous life, there is no choice for you except accepting the effect. This is Karma. It is always advisable to be good to others.

    But thinking about our fate, we stop doing anything we can't progress in life. As told in Baghavatgita, do your work, don't expect any results. Results will follow,

    always confident

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    According to Thomas Alva Addison it's 99% hard work and 1% luck that leads to 100% of the result. Now thinking of the 1% rather than 99% is never going to be a great choice. We have no control on our fate.
    Some say: " Keep doing your deeds with full honesty, it may be written in the fate that the wanted fruit would be obtained by the honest hard work.

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    Fate is a belief in human minds because of the uncertainity factor in life. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. There is no guarantee that result of hard work will always be as expected. So we do not have choice with fate. It will go on its course as destined.

    Karma is a thing which we can manoeuvre. We can idle away our time or work hard and utilize each minute of it. We do not attempt any work thinking it may fail or we should attempt till we get success.
    Only these things are in our control. It is said that hard work has no substitute. A person who works hard does not bother for his fate. He very well knows that fate is beyond our control.

    Believing in Karma only is the way ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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    we should believe in both fate and karma. If we believe in fate we have desire to do karma.Both of these interlinked with each other. We can't only believe fate as well karma. But i think there is no alternative for karma, you have to do hard work if you want to achieve something. fate is automatic process which we can say pre-decided. But if you do good karma you will get good result.

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    Past deeds of our parents and present bad deeds of our own self has immediate effect on our progress and wellness in the life. It is the well known fact that Karma plays important role in everybody life. That is the reason being so elders used to say that we should not belittle others, give respect to the elders, part with some money to the needy, feed the poor, by keeping money you should not deny others. In your every success, you should owe something to the society, that way haves and have nots will have little gap in the progress. And those who deceive others will definitely pay their price the same evening. I have seen in my personal life that even by mistake if we had done some wrong thing, the negative result can be felt by the evening. Such is the trial balance of every ones life.
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    If we are to leave everything to fate and prefer to live under the impression that everything will happen according to fate only, we won't be able to achieve anything. Karma, or our actions, and fate is actually interconnected. Just like it would be impossible for us to reach a destination without making a move, we won't be able to move ahead in life if we do not act. Fate is unpredictable and does not have a finality and so, according to me, does depend a lot on our Karma.
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