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    Are women across the world safe?

    India being the motherland of different cultures and traditions, where at the time of Lakshmi Pooja and occasions like Durga Puja, where the young little girls are incarnated as Goddesses and are treated with respect, are they safe and secure in their country? Are women in other countries safe in their homelands? Share your views.
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    Well the safety of women is the cause for concern for every country including India. The more the women are making progress in their respective fields, the more they are getting encountered and challenged by the male folk in different way. Though many state governments in India have started She teams, anti romeo squads to nab the bad elements which are on prowl to tease the women, the situation cannot be controlled as the police force is less and the hooligans are more. The same situation prevails elsewhere in the world. The situation has come that women must take their way of protecting themselves not depending on police security or something else. Each women must know the minimum way to fight the opponent so that she can escape from their clutches and then if she raises alarm the society would nab the culprits. So that kind of training should be given to every women across the world for their own protection.
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    Why the discussion should be limited to the safety of women alone? Are men safe? Are the children safe? Is nature safe? The answer, I think, will be in the negative if we are not aware as to how we can be safe. To be safe, we need to be concerned about safety. I agree that the safety of women is a concern for the society and is a matter that need to be addressed but won't it help if we are a bit more careful? We get to hear almost daily about women being taken for a ride on the promise of marriage but is there any respite to such incidents in spite of such daily news? I am not justifying the wrong doings but I think women should also become aware and need to learn to draw the line where the limit ends. Men and women alike, are vulnerable to certain emotions but we need to keep our ears and eyes open.

    Atrocities against women and children are no doubt, on the rise and it is high time we start investigating the basic problems and address the same. Lining up behind women in support or raising voice for gender equality does not appear to be a solution nor will the formation or execution of new laws help after a certain extent. Media should stop creating stories from such incidents and must restrict themselves to reporting of facts only.

    The problem is being faced by women and children ( and men too in some cases) in almost all parts of the world. I was hearing a news report yesterday about girls (especially the blacks) going missing at the rate of at least one girl per day in the USA (LA to be specific). We need to awake to facts and try to find some solution globally.

    I have restricted my response to atrocities and acts of sexual assaults but then there are many other areas in which we need to take care of our safety.

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    I think safety is as much as responsibility of an individual than that of the state. Yes, a country must ensure it's citizens' safety. But if we fool around and end up in danger, can we really blame the state? We all must be equally equipped physically and mentally to safeguard ourselves. Here gender isn't a issue.It never was. So it's the duty of every individual to keep themselves safe.
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    In history it is mentioned that long back in some countries woman was considered like a commodity. It may sound cruel but it was the truth prevailing that time. Some of the mighty kings had a number of Queens in their palace. Even the rich people had number of wife's. Why go in history, today there are communities in the world where keeping more than one wife is very common.

    Why I am narrating all this is just to show that woman was always considered as weaker sex and was exploited by the males in one way or other.

    Things changed with time and women have slowly started to get an equal place in society and are working in various spheres where earlier men had monopoly. So the position of women is improving day by day.

    There are changes but the lust of males - the men- have not changed. Many men are civilized and control on their lust and greed but there are many who are walking free in this world like animals and have no consideration for woman and treat her only like a female. This is the irony but this is the main reason why women are not safe.

    It differs from country to country and place to place that how safe the women are but it is now a matter of global concern.

    Until unless there is a change in men's attitude towards women the safety will always remain a matter of concern.

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