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    The future of Earth with increasing global warming effects

    This topic has been discussed on a huge scale since our school days. We have heard several different answers related to Global Warming. And the destruction caused due to this natural calamity is very high, and even today it is continuously causing damage to our beautiful Mother Earth. Even the ozone layer that protects us from harmful UV-rays entering the Earth's atmosphere is getting depleted and is allowing the UV-rays to reach Earth's surface making it hot and becoming a threat to humans as it causes skin cancer. If this scenario seems to go on continuously what do you think our future will be? Isn't there any permanent solution to stop this? What are your views on it?
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    Global warming is a serious threat to the Mother Earth. The ozone layer between the sun and earth is slowly vanishing. Ozone layer is protecting us from UV rays. Ozone layer is absorbing these harmful rays and earth is not getting high temperatures.

    Because of improvements in technologies, scientific and engineering invention various luxuries are being enjoyed by the rich in the world. Of course some luxuries by middle class and poor also. We hardly find any house in cities without Refrigerator and air conditioners. No car is being made without a air conditioner. No theater without AC . Consumption of tobacco products is increasing. Many polluting industries are working. All these put together increasing the global warming. All the countries are trying to control. Carbon foot print concept has come to force. Plantation is made more popular.Governments are encouraging non polluting industries and deforestation is not encouraged. These are some positive points. However Scientists are also trying to find ways to protect the ozone layer.

    But as an Individual if we follow some of the following acts, it will be good to the land.

    1.Don't cut trees. Do plantation as much as possible.
    2. Don't smoke.
    3.Try to use public transport than private vehicles.
    4. Try to minimize usage of refrigerators. Use pots made of clay for cold water.
    5. Avoid using ACs. If not at least minimize the usage by sharing the usage of ACs. What I mean is use one AC all can sleep in the same room instead of putting on many ACs.

    This may improve the condition of earth.

    always confident

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    Yes the future of earth is really worry some and there is a need to look for alternate living planet. In the garb of development and creating new infrastructure, we are killing the importance of mother earth and nature by ruthlessly removing and cutting trees which can mitigate problem of global warming. Only today I have read that Indian Government is going to skip Bharath stage V and would go for VI instead with more stringent emission control. This is the great move from the government side as most of the government buses are emitting toxins fumes as they are not maintained at the depot. Though the new buses are matching to the standard of Bharath stage 3 and 4, Supreme court wants further strict control on pollution and sought government response immediately in this issue.
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    Yes, survival of human being and life on Earth is in danger. Global warming, pollution, ozone depletion, deforestation etc are the main problem of recent time. And we do not try to understand these problems and their effects.
    You can see climate change in past 3-5 years. In recent winter season people had wear sweater only for 8-10 days. I belong to Malva. What is the situation of climate? think and try to solve. Only government or other private agencies can do anything. We have to aware of it and should try to minimize these problem. some ways by which we can contribute in our environment are:

    1. Forestation is the best way. We should maintain a garden and plant more and more tree at our home or locality.
    2. Minimize the use of vehicles.
    3. Renewable sources of energy should be used.
    4. Pollution of air and water should be checked.
    5. Fuel of good quality should be used.

    So, there are many more things every person mustd contribute to save our Earth.

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    In my opinion there is no permanent solution to this disease of polluting the earth as enough damage has already been done to this planet with the name of development of the nations. The future of the planet is already being witnessed by all of us as we were all the kids of last gen. We used to have plenty of water at all possible places like ponds, wells, rivers, lakes, etc. and we used to enjoy in those places. No such enjoyment is available to this generation. We used to see / enjoy with different races of birds in almost of all the seasons which we cannot witness now.

    So the future of the planet with the global warming effects would be terrible and unimaginable.

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