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    Traditional method of teaching V/s Smart classes

    In present age, a new trend is started in education. Some schools provide education with computers which is called smart classes. Will it not degrade the value of a teacher? In traditional system teachers were main assets of a school. A school was known by the teachers but in present age the school is known by smart classes.
    Both have some advantages and disadvantages. Let discuss Traditional method of teaching V/s Smart classes.
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    I feel smart teaching is also by a teacher by using audio visual aids. Without teacher no teaching. In earlier days teachers orally explaining the concepts to students with examples. He was used to write important points on the black board using a chalk piece. Students used to note down important points.

    You remember more the instances you have seen rather than what you hear. Cinema is a best example for this. If you see a movie once, you will remember the story for long. If you read it multiple times you may remember. So to improve the awareness among the students now a days schools are trying to use electronic gadgets like TV, smart phone, VCP etc.s for the advantage of the students. But not without the teacher . The teacher will explain the concept and made the students to observe the video and clarify their doubts if any. Definitely this will be a better method of teaching. But without teacher, only smart teaching is not good.

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    Yes, Dr. Rao, you are right. audio visual teaching has different effect but in some schools, all the chapters are taught by audio visual aids. Even publishers provide CDs for all chapter not only for school but also for students. Will not it degrade the value of teachers. Will students ready to hear a single word from teacher. They will always eagerly wait for audio visual aid and never focus on teacher.
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    There is a saying that we should swim along the tide. Same is happening with the Educational Institutions. They are forced to swim along the modern method of teaching. By the way there is no undermining of teachers even in this modern era. While taking the help of smart class teaching, a teacher can always give inputs from her own side on branch topics and illustrations so that the students would remember the subject and topics with further interest and wont forget. Normally when ever we see a image or the video we wont forget the content and the new way of education through smart class has definitely gained popularity in short period and parents are also willing to pay extra money for smart class having schools. Teachers are always regarded either by teaching in old method or through the smart class method.
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