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    A little trust goes a long way - a quiet appeal to ISCians

    Dear Friends,

    As ME, when I state that I am looking into an issue, you have to believe it. When I give a reassurance of dealing with a complaint, you have to believe it. I may not reply in every thread, but that does not mean that your issues are being overlooked. You don't even necessarily need to post a thread specifically addressed to me. I am there, aware. You may also not see immediate results, no. I have my own time and pace to deal with things, having to multi-task with responsibilities here and in my personal life. I am not a robotic machine who can work 24x7 with long lasting batteries like those you see in the ads! Results will not be seen immediately. It may take awhile, but do wait instead of bringing up the same issue over & over again. Please, can you just keep the faith? A little trust will go a long way.

    Right here, right now, so that we move forward I am addressing a couple of things. There have been two major issues in the recent weeks:
    (i) Low cash credits for posts in AE and articles section;
    (ii) Attitude of editors towards members, that of members towards editors and that of members towards fellow members.

    Regarding these issues:
    (i) We definitely want that authors should get their due for the time and effort they put into writing an article and answering an Ask Expert query.
    (ii) We would love to see that old camaraderie restored between all members including with editors.

    This thread is for you all general members. Other than the issues I am aware of and mentioned above, is there any issue that needs to be addressed? No editor will respond here. I too will step in myself only if required. Have your say, state your issues & give your views, but without naming individual members/editors. Simply state your general problem. If it is with reference to a particular section, mention the section only & not the names of editors. State your issues calmly please. I will request the Webmasters to directly address the issues raised here.

    Let's work together to restore good relations and our camaraderie - and do please keep the faith. I'm doing my best.
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    It is a pleasant thread to read and respond frankly. I have no complaint against anything or anyone. But my simple request is - Whenever the ISC Managing Editor responds to a query of a member, it is imprudent for the other editors to intervene and post their opinion. The ISC Admin should maintain their protocol. When the Web Master responds to a query, the ME or the editor down the line should not come up. When ME responds a query, the LE and Editors down the line should not come up. When a LE responds, Editors should not respond. This is what called good discipline. I expect such discipline should be maintained at ISC. Thus we can work together with good relations with trust in a disciplined manner.

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    "We would love to see that old camaraderie restored between all members including with editors. "-Is it possible to mend the broken thread? Just asking.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The best sentence from this ME thread is - "No editor will respond here. " The sentence is little but says it all.
    I will come back to this thread but later.

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    Vandana Madam, thanks for posting a very necessary thread. I am agree with Mr. Sun. We should maintain discipline which is very important in our life.
    I have a suggestion, madam. In contact us module we can submit our problems or complains. But we can't track the status of our complain. Can we make a module at ISC where a member can submit his complain and then also can track the status of his complain. And also some time frame to process the complain. It would certainly give satisfaction to the member about his complain. Can we do that ?

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    May I kindly request that our efforts not start on a negative note? A little positivism please! Two ends of a broken thread can be firmly joined and used. With a little genuine effort, bonding & restoring can be worked on, isn't it?

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    "A little trust goes a long way" A fancy phrase. What does it mean?

    It is a little trust that has brought in a situation where I had to take to the forum to complain. I have been working on trust, and see what it has led to. If the trust was reciprocated this situation would not have arisen. The issue I raised is not isolated; there should have been a redressal without one being asked for – that's how, I understand, trust works.

    Let me address the point of over and over again (a little dramatic, I would think, but anyhow). When a complaint is raised, and a response is given, but there is no immediate change in the pattern then it does become a reason for concern. You perhaps view the episode as I have given a response, my job is done, and the others very well wait for me to act. What actually happened is that the rest of my articles got approved (once again) at supersonic speed, as though there was no tomorrow. And I was supposed to continue to keep that faith!

    I had to halt writing because I was left disgruntled. Situations must be handled with tact. I do not see the reason for approving all my articles so quickly when I had raised a point about the low remuneration. Also, there were others whose articles were still in the queue, and are surprisingly still in line, waiting to be approved. You want to set matters right, but does that mean the same pattern has to follow before a matter is addressed. Did all my articles have to be approved and given low points and CC, even after a complaint only to be set right at a later date (whenever that happens)? Do you realise how all of this affects someone who is spending time and effort on the job?

    View the events as they panned out and then ask yourself if it is easy to keep the faith.

    Coming to the 'over and over again' comment. Have you not come back to stress on what you have already stated in the threads that I raised. You saw a need to buttress your statements with a fresh thread. This should give you a sense of why other members also come back with fresh threads on the same topic. What is so offensive about it?

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    I am a member of this site since 2009 and I am getting very nice feedback and cooperation from the editors. New members should not get impatient. Just allow them 3-4 days so that they can re look in the problem.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
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    Well the ME has definitely sensed the responsibility of raising this thread and that is great attitude to set right any miss givings, miss understandings among members or with the site administrators. Let editors also participate here and give the reasons for their actions and reactions thereof. We do agree that editors are also members like us and issues which have been raised time and again in the forum must be addressed. I am once again requesting the ME to monitor the happenings in this forum daily at least at the closing hours so that remedial action be taken and also a permanent editor for forum who must respond immediately to any thread appearing here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Dear Mohan Sir,
    I do not appreciate your recommendation to invite editors to participate in this thread. I don't wish ISC's this thread to become a battlefield. Vandana has come up as an ambassador to the members from the editors camp on a peace mission to avoid any future war between the members and editors. Let ME hear the members problems and advice her editorial team accordingly to let peace prevail at ISC after this thread post.

    ME's decision to keep the editors away from this thread should be welcomed and appreciated.

    @Update: Our ME should raise a similar thread in which only Editors should participate, and members should be kept away but to watch the thread goings, if desired by the ME..

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    I personally believe that the Forum section has been slowly but surely losing its vivacity. The ME has to find out who is/are responsible for the same. If she gets the correct answer, the problem will be sorted out easily. If she doesn't, the Forum section will lose its colour.
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    Well, it has been only a few months I have joined ISC, but since then slowly I can grasp the atmosphere here. And presently I have no issues maybe because I am new to ISC. Overall I am having fun at ISC and discussing several issues has helped me in clarifying many of the doubts that I had previously not understood. The response is good by everyone.

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    Sun if the issue seems to be surely between the editors and members, then what is wrong for them to participate here so that free and frank discussion can be held. Here there wont be any editing, cutting, banning and the words expressed would be in record too. Moreover they should also be given chance to put their contention of action and that would pacify even the affected members. And by the way instead of discussing issues members should not interfere in the observations made by other members and that would deviate the topic altogether. Nevertheless I leave this discretion to ME.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ok... It's less than 10 day I have had been contributing regularly in different sections except resources and job section. I have been been pulling out old threads in AE but presently I'm the 5th Super Expert in AE section. However, I'm just earning one point and one Rupees for writing long answers for new question in AE. This is really an embarrasing for me since it takes 15 to 20 minutes to write an answers for AE question. Nevertheless, something' better than nothing.

    Secondly, it occassionally happens when internet connection is down. I don't have 4G conection instead we have 2G because it's cheap and affordable. So, recently, I wrote a long Java code but due to connection weak, the answer was posted twice without my knowledge and no points or CC was rewarded. The same thing happens to information and updates.

    Last but not least, don't know whether this is the right place to post. Here is my problem: Why isn't refferal program working?, if it's working, why newbies are not getting a validation link from ISC? Most member who joined under me are not getting validation mail.

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    Mr Mohan,
    This thread will be read by all the editors silently, and they should be given a chance to put up their complaints and grievances against the member community as and when directed by the ME for the members to understand. Where there is ME, there shouldn't be her subordinate editors. This is what my special humble request to ISC vide my response # 594383.

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    I think we should stop this old RAGA that Editors are members like us. Of course it is not true. They have extra power and better benefit than a regular members. Old member such as Mohan ji should know it. Can Mohanji delete the sentence if he gets offended by Editor? No, but the Editor can delete those words or entire post which they don't like or in their sense if they get offended by Mohanji or any other member. In ISC, the editors personal feelings are more important than a regular member and it has been seen regularly.

    Now come to the point,
    ME, it was not the first time I had complaint for lower cc or points for my article. I have first time complaint it to you by PM (I don't remember for which article of mine). You reconsidered it and added extra points and cc. Second time again I felt the same and complaint through This Thread. Again the article was rechecked and raised the cc and points. Again third time it happens the same thing and I complaint through This forum thread. Again the article was rechecked, got raised in cc and points.
    Why we do need to complain in the first place? If first time itself the articles were checked properly and the amount of cc and points awarded accordingly, I don't think any member will complain about it.
    No one would like to lose the trust of editors but if the same thing happen again and again, tell us what's wrong if we lose our trust on them?

    Few things which I would like to suggest here:
    There should be up-gradation in awarding cc and points. There is no changes since 2-3 years. CC and points should be awarded by the number of words 500 to 600, 650 to 1000or 1000 to1500 words and so on. It should not be like even we write 1500 words article yet we get 40 points and the same amount of cc. Of course, the SEO and the quality of the contents should be look after. I am not saying that anything written in 1500 words should get higher points and cc.

    I don't know how editors works, whether they talk to ME or Webmaster before awarding cc and points so I can't comment on it. However, little carefulness and going through the subjects and contents can make big changes.

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    I have quit writing articles because the poits and cash credit are too low. I have two approved articles with over 800 words. Unfortunately, 15 points, 15 Rupees is not worth my time. Instead, contributing 50 words answer in AE section fetches 25 to 50 Rupees a day.

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    In another thread, it was mentioned that contest entries are checked twice. Is this done with a purpose or is it just a farce? Pardon my being so blunt with my question, but it needs to be asked.

    There is a glaring error in the title of at least one article, written by an editor, for an earlier contest. It was missed in the double screening that all contest threads go through. I just chanced upon it, I haven't really gone looking for articles with errors, but if I do, I am sure to find much more. This gives me the impression that an editor's work is not checked for accuracy or formatting or for glaring mistakes. How else does an article with an error in the title clear two checks, and a third by the editor who had authored it? Is the double checking then not a farce! I can provide the link to the article.

    What I have observed is that norms are generally not followed for articles written by editors. My article came back for revision because there was no space before the sub-headings. At the same time, there are articles by editors that aren't properly formatted but are accepted. I had intimated at least one resource editor, of the errors in their article (both in the content and in the formatting). And I am sure they are reading this, and are aware I am referring to them. These authors (editors) are also judging our work, telling us how our work is not up to standard. Should not they take special care with their own work? Should their basic work not also be in order?

    I find an article with dubious claims received more points than my article, on the same topic. It is written by an editor. It is clear to see which article has better content, better quality, proper formatting, correct language, credible facts and better word count. I can prove at least one 'fact' mentioned in the article to be false and another to be inconclusive and, therefore, misleading.

    I know the standard response will be that editors are voluntary workers and that they are sincere and that they hold no biases. There is a whole lot of history which I don't want to drag here, and that there are biases is clear from the recent interactions I have had with editors. All of you have opinions and you sometimes put them on display through your writings. Cut the condescending tone that is visible in forum responses and in posts with policies. There needs to be a visible change, for the 'trust' factor to take root. Let the same set of scales be used to judge the work of a lowly writer like me and that of an editor.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    So much has come in from the members about the editors. It is proved that editors are awarding low CC and when the members raise up and ask, they review it and award higher CCs. Jeets response is a good evidence to this and proves well that 'Only the crying baby with insufficient milk is fed with more milk to care'. This could be due to the likes and dislikes of an editor against a member. Editors are also human beings, and the proverb 'To err is human' holds good.

    However, some editors, when written about this , ask the member to make an apology to them. Now my question is - If an editor awards low CC to an article, and after the request and review of the article, if higher CC is awarded, will the concerned editor ask an apology to the author of the article for awarding less CC? Never in the history of ISC. Is apology only to the members and not to the editors?

    So, an editor should not demand and apology from the members without analysing the issue.

    No life without Sun

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    I would like to talk about the second issue brought out by our ME.
    (ii) Attitude of editors towards members, that of members towards editors and that of members towards fellow members.

    It has been seen from sometime now that when a thread getting locked, it is done with the last response from an editor. There is nothing wrong to lock a thread when it goes overboard but why the pin points would be brought out by editors in their last response? As if they want to say that they are the BOSS here no members are above than their opinion, most of the last responses are provocative. Here, I would like to suggest that when an editors lock the thread with his/her response, he/she should talk normally any kind of forcing or provocative talks will never end the issue between members and editors.

    There are few editors who always gets angry whenever any member talks against of them or question about editor's decision or work. It is also seen that some of the particular editor leave no chance to humiliate particular member whom they don't like. And the issue gets carried away in future threads and responses.

    A member even if he/she say that he has objection for some words or sentence uttered by editors, it is not heard by them but if the editors get offended, they take no time to delete entire post? Why there is bias and differences between editors and regular members? It is obvious that editors are not Boss of ISC then why they behave like that? The fact is that some of the editor forget that once they were too a regular member, if they response with that kind of mentality, I see no reason why editor and member will quarrel. The scene becomes ugly when editors try to force their own opinion to the members without even seeing what the real issue/problem is.

    At the end, I don't think any positivity will come out with this thread. It is not that the first time such thread is posted by ME and this is not the first time that we as a regular member voicing out our problem. Results will be the same forever.

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