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    The greatness of Idly in the world

    Dear Members,
    Do you know that Idly, the breakfast food of South Indians is the healthiest breakfast item in the whole world? This is not from me. It is from UNESCO. A certificate of Merit has been issued by UNESCO in this respect.

    Members, Do you agree with this? Have you tasted Idly? Where do you get the best Idly in India? According to me, Tamilnadu is the origin of Idly in south India. The best Idly can be tasted in Tamilnadu only. Let us discuss much about Idly.
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    Idly is a very common item for breakfast in south India. Now a days this item is available in north India also. Even I enjoyed eating idly during my foreign trips also.

    Tamlinadu is famous for Idly sambar. Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka also serves good varieties of Idly. Ravva Idly, soft Idly, hard Idly and button Idly are the types of idlies I have tasted with sambar as well as with chetnies. All these varieties contain the same ingredients but method of preparation , ratios of Ingredients may vary.

    They are good for health. They are easily digestible and no other effects. This is the best item for breakfast.

    always confident

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    Mr. Sun, I know that Idly is very nutritious breakfast but didn't know that UNESCO has also certified it. Thanks to share this knowledge. I belongs to M.P. Malva and so far have not visited Tamilnadu. So, I can't say taste of Idly at Tamilnadu. My wife generally prepare Idly at home and I like it very much.
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    It is a hoax, and you have fallen for it.

    UNESCO has not declared the idly as the healthiest breakfast food in the world. The idly would have taken the whole world by storm if such an honour was bestowed upon it.

    The best idli I have had is in a place called Murugan Idli. It is a South Indian restaurant that serves the softest idlis with a variety of chutneys and sambhar. I also tasted some excellent idlis in Visakhapatnam.

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    Idly is such a good dish that can be consumed by the infant baby to a dying old. It is the best food that get digested easily. It never creates problem to our body system. It has the nutrient value too. Nobody complains after eating Idly.

    @ I have a copy of the Certificate of Merit signed by Irina Bokava (Director General UNESCO) on 4th July 2016.

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    Wow that is the great recognition for the South Indian favorite food Idly. No house in the South which goes without Idly at least in alternate days if not daily. Because Idly is prepared through steamed process and even the doctors would recommend this food for the patients. Good that UNESCO has taken this many years and recognized its importance. In Hyderabad some road side vendors are selling 5 Idly for just 10 rupees with good groundnut chutney which goes well with the taste. In restaurants, one plate of Idly would range from 30 to 40 for two pieces and big in size. The subsidized rice scheme from the Telangana government to every house hold has helping them to prepare Idly as breakfast early in the morning and even serve as make shift hotel during the morning hours.
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    Haven't read / heard about the UNESCO declaration on idly.

    But of course, idly is the healthiest (one of the healthiest) breakfast as this is steam cooked with no oil. The doctors too ask patients / chronic patients to take only idly for breakfast which is easily digestible, healthy and provides the required carbohydrates to the body. According to me idly is the ideal breakfast which gives a filled-in feeling. Idly is fat-free with almost no saturated fats and no cholesterol.

    Breakfast is the important meal of the day and it is always good to start a fat-free day. These steam-cooked healthy food items are made with fermented batter made of coarsely ground rice and black lentils (urad dal). The perfect combination of rice and dal compliments each other. Idly which is rich in carbohydrates, fibers and proteins is highly nutritious.

    I don't say that you get the best idlies only in Tamil Nadu but these days you can get tasty idlies in many places across the world due to migration.

    Thanks & Regards

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    It is so easy to believe in something when one wants to believe in it.

    UNESCO has better responsibilities at hand than getting into frivolous activities such as this.

    Any computer savvy person, with time to spare and a plan to trick people, can design authentic looking certificates in a jiffy. That does not make such certificates genuine; they still remain fake. Do you have a credible report that announces this news? Aren't you surprised that such a big honour was not picked up by the media and that it is only being circulated on the social media?

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    Every member who responded this thread have said and agreed that Idly is the healthiest breakfast. I do not think that UNESCO will deny it but approve it, even if it is put up now to UNESCO for consideration and approval. This is a fact and everyone on this earth including other nations would accept it. The certificate may be genuine or a hoax, but is the fact.
    Is there any other healthiest Indian breakfast which is superior to Idly? Let us share it here with the Idly to make it more interesting.

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    Idly is no doubt one of the best and healthiest breakfast one can have but the claim that it has been so recognized by the UNESCO is a false news that is spreading on the social media. Tamil Nadu may be (is) the place where idly originated but to say that the best idly are available there only cannot be agreed to; the combination and taste choices vary from region to region and so a general statement in this regard cannot be accepted.
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    As Juana said, the message and information passed on in WhatsApp etc are not any authentic ones. Some vested interest are floating it.
    However Idly is a common snack item and still more popular breakfast item in homes, and restaurants and hotels at least in the four southern states in India. Now due to the migration and tour by the people , Idli is known to many and is available at many places in the country.
    One of erliest article posted in ISC is:"Has Idli Become Pan-Indian ?".
    Personally speaking, at my home we have Idli mostly at one time almost every day- either morning or evening.
    Breakfast food and snacks are depending on the place, weather and climate, geography, economic development etc. However Idli can become an ideal snack or breakfast food all over India, because the ingredients for it are easily available in most places. With a few times trial one can have expertise to prepare it. It needs relatively less fuel. It is equally suited for villages and cities living style.
    Idli conforms to the prescription that the first food in the morning should be steamed food and having more starch. Apart from starch Idli has sufficient protein content and micro nutrients essential for body.

    As Juana mentioned, Murugan Idli was a famous outlet in Madurai when I was working at Madurai some decades ago. There were exclusive 'Idli shops' there and were really cheap and available hot from oven throughout night even. Idli is still a very affordable food for all, in comparison to all other foods.
    I had read about a real story of an IIT passed man who opted for export of Idlis. and showed its economic viability also. Idli batter sales is a very welcome one in towns and cities and there is very good demand for that. It is convenient to the townspeople who have lack of time for preparation of the batter or need just small quantities.

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    Idly has become a very popular snack in our country and no doubt this south Indian food is equally in demand in northern states of the country ranging from Rajasthan to Assam.

    As it is a steam cooked item, even the people who do not like oil or fried things can take it happily. The combination of Idly with various chatnis and sambar is delicious and for many people it is a snack of choice.

    It is a simplistic food and if it has got accolades from UN it is a matter of pride for all of us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Each nook and corner of the country, available famous breakfast of the nation is undoubtedly Idly only. The varieties of Idlies we can have in the southern part of the country especially in TamilNadu. Very healthy, nutritious, easy digestive breakfast without oil content. Even the main course of the food for infant is idly only in many southern parts of our country. I like personally the idli very much.

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