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    More leave for them, more work for us!

    When our daughter was born, my wife got maternity leave for 90 days and I got paternity leave for 15 days. My the then boss sanctioned my leave with tremendous reluctance. I still remember that during these 15 days, I was called by the office for at least 5 days for handling 'urgent work'. Later the maternity leave for ladies was increased to 135 days. In the current Budget session of the Parliament, a Bill is going to be passed to make it (maternity leave) 180 days all over India.

    In addition, in Government offices, lady employees can take Child Care Leave (CCL) for total 730 days during their entire service. This provision has come into existence since VIth Central Pay Commission. The lady employees, irrespective of their rank and position,, are taking CCL without bothering about the pending work.

    Today I have read a news report which states that Italy is going to be the first western country to offer paid menstrual leave to working women. Without any doubt, the feminist movement leaders would demand this leave in India and this type of leave will also come into force in India very soon.

    We, the male employees, have to do the pending work of our female colleagues during their long leave. There is no question of substitutes. If the leave which the ladies will avail in future (as I foresee), the workload on us will increase further.

    This means: More leave for them, more work for us!
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    May be true.
    But these kinds of perks to females will bring down the job potential to them. Private companies are very reluctant to hire females. The reason being this kind of incentives only. They prefer ladies only for specialized jobs where males may not be so good at those works. Earlier we know all senior officers were having a steno. Many stenos are females only. Now a days with the advent of desktop computers, lap tops,tablets, emails and smart phones, many stopped hiring stenos. Same is the case with typists also.

    Of course government may take more ladies. In government jobs they may hire temporary people to compensate the work loss by these leaves. So government may loose some money but work may not increase to their counter parts. There are unions which will fight and get the things done for the employees.

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    Dr. Rao: The problem is not very simple. In our office, a very senior lady officer proceeded on CCL just on the eve of the budget (1st February). Now her work was handled by others, but what about the specific financial power? Financial power can't be transferred to other officers. Various problems arise because of CCL and other long leave.
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    Common Partha why are you getting envied over the increased privilege being proposed through enhanced Maternity leave and also Child care leave. Now a days most of the couples are living alone without the elders help. That means due to work preference they have to part ways with the parents and in laws and thus they are left in lurch when the baby is born. At least up to the age of two, nurturing a child has become great task and cannot believe and given the responsibility to local aayas. So if the mother wants to take personal care then availing leave is the best option. In fact some mothers would even leave the job to bring up the child. One more thing, if a child is born after many years, the mother wants to enjoy all the intricacies of child growth and she does not want to miss one single moment and for that even government is cooperating and we should not bother about it.
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    Mr. Mohan: There is no question of envy. I am facing extreme difficulty due to this CCL during year-end (taken by three lady employees working under me). At the same time, Budget session is going on. How can I manage time-bound work? At the same time, the Financial Adviser has also proceeded on CCL. The financial power is not yet been transferred!
    This problem will further increase when a special leave for lady employees (like in Italy) will come into force.

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    Partha I can understand your catch 22 situation in the office if key lady employees goes on long maternity and CCL leaves. But the department must depute male employees in that position otherwise normal work get hampered. In Private companies, every employ would know the work of other employees too so that even if one take leave, the work should not stop and go on. But in government organization, the officers heavily depend on subordinates and thus this kind of situation has to be faced. At least now ask the leave going employee to train other persons who are permanent in the office so that you wont get stopped for want of information.
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    Mr. Mohan: Every Government Office has been suffering from extreme manpower shortage at every level. Moreover, most of the seats (positions) are specialised in nature. It requires at least 15 days' training to take charge of a particular seat. It is not very easy to replace a person even at lowest clerical level because of different work-pattern. Moreover, if an employee proceeds on leave, additional manpower is not available.

    I am not even talking about the Officers.

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    Partha Sir, it has become a very common problem in Indian Government employment. Every department and every section of the Govt. of India is a victim of it. Partha Sir may not be of envy but of more concern. Everywhere the slogans they float that Women are not at all below the parameters of men but on the otherside they wanted to have all these kinds of facilities.

    Partha Sir, as far as I know, the financial powers would be looked after by someone on behalf of the persons vested with such powers are proceeded on leave, temporary duty or any kind of absence from the duty. This would be decided at the initial level itself, I mean at the time of the conferring the delegation of financial powers to the officer concerned. Hence there should not be problem as you said. Anyhow, ultimately we, the male employees are definitely the sufferers out of CCL particularly.

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    Mr. GeeKay: The formal transfer of financial power has to be notified. Our FA is of JS-level. So, the file relating to transfer of financial power during her leave (CCL) had to go to our Secretary, then to nodal Ministry Secretary and then to Deptt. of Expenditure/Ministry of Finance Secretary. So, you understand very well.......
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    There was a time when women were supposed to remain in house and do the household and serve their husbands and family. Their life was limited to their small world - their family.

    With time things have drastically changed and women are now out of the closet and working in all spheres of human activities ranging from school teaching to flying of aeroplanes.

    By nature woman is a weaker sex. She has to give birth to children and take care of them. Whatever profession she has got, she still has that big responsibility. How to compensate her for her unrenumerative work of keeping the fetus in her womb for such a long time. In a male dominant society any privilage given to woman will be seen with disapprovals and envy.

    The special benefits for women are necessary for bringing them at par with men.

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    Keeping all sexist comments aside. Let's talk about this in terms of profit and loss for the business.

    Well obviously private companies will be reluctant. Recently some states are starting on policy that women should not work late night. So more work for men. Yet women get paid same as men. Lot of them don't worth on par with men yet same salary for them. Lot of them don't even handle the HR and management well yet get recruited. Many companies like accenture, flipkart were giving them maternity leave which came from the money earned by the workers who worked more than those who took leave. And now add the menstrual leave to this. More companies will feel the loss. Why would anyone want to contribute to loss? Business loss comes at cost. And if those leaks leading to loss are not patched, You can't blame men for it.

    If you were to own a company where men work more, take blames more and paid equal salary with woman where women only reap the benefits. Do you think such company will remain profitable for long? If you think yes, then you need a lesson on profit and loss.

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    Recently I have read a news-report which has stated that some working ladies (in private sector) objected to six months' maternity leave on the ground that they would not be able to compete with their male companions after returning from long maternity leave.

    I also read that the co-chairperson of Yahoo(?) returned from maternity leave within 15 days on her own.

    However, in Government sector, even top-level lady officers avail CCL without any hesitation.

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    These are policy decisions taken by the government, after much consideration. They should be lauded rather than ridiculed.

    Why did you not object to being recalled during your paternity leave? You should have had the gumption to refuse going back to work. Bringing it up now to highlight a policy that you think is biased seems insensitive. Newborns need initial care and a mother has to be around to provide it. Minor children fall ill and need someone to look after them. In our society, it is generally the mother who is held responsible for bringing up children. The Union Minister for Women & Child Development has categorically stated that paternity leave would just be a holiday for men. The decision, by the government, must have been made after careful analysis of circumstances.

    Also, women who are career minded will not avail the full leave, as they know it will impact their promotions. With this new rule, women stand to lose on the career front.

    On a lighter note, the extreme difficulty that you face due to CCL is palpable from your presence on ISC on a weekday, during working hours.

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    #595105: Ms. Juana has raised some very valid points on the issue being discussed. I am trying to present my own perspective in this regard.

    (i) The main issue which I wanted to discuss in this thread is the administrative difficulties being faced by organisations when lady employees proceeded on long leave like CCL. There is no provision of appointment of substitutes when an employee proceeds on long leave in Government. But no Member has tried to even mention this issue.
    (ii) Although the very first Section of CCS (Leave) Rules, 1964 and other Leave Rules have stated in clear and unequivocal terms that leave can not be construed as a matter of right, but it is a privilege; it is practically impossible to deny/even request to defer CCL to lady employees. Every Gazetted Officer of the Government would admit this without any hesitation.
    (iii) Ms. Juana has rightly asked why I did not refuse to attend office during my paternity leave. Without going into the details, I simply say that I was not supposed to do so.
    (iv) So far as my presence on ISC during working hours on weekdays, I wish to clarify that my most productive hour is 4.30-7.30 in the morning. However, I upload the products of my convoluted brain throughout the day. Moreover, my computer and my ISC account remain open during my office hours, which gives an impression that I don't work in office (which may not be fully incorrect!). But my performance or working style does not address the main issue of the thread.

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    As per my understanding when someone goes on leave their work is delegated to an officer of the same seniority/ranking. Financial powers and signing authority can also be assigned to someone, through a proper channel. Work in government offices doesn't and shouldn't have to come to a standstill. Those who proceed on leave and those who take charge of extra responsibilities must ensure proper handing-over and taking-over of responsibilities. There should be written handing-over notes. If this is done properly, there should be no hindrance in carrying out the duties of someone else.

    When someone proceeds on leave their duties are delegated to others, and it cannot be possible to engage a substitute. Where can a substitute be brought in from? Another office – then won't that office suffer? The thing you fail to see is that you become the substitute. You take on new responsibilities. And this is expected of people at the officer level. If it is a sour point then a representation should be made to the ministry or to a senior officer.

    When rules are clear then one should learn to implement them. Someone's failure to implement rules cannot be blamed on the government or the system. Gazetted officers should have the fortitude to go by the rule book. If everyone is doing it, so I must follow, is not a stand to take.

    If you weren't supposed to refuse being recalled from leave then I see no reason why you should complain about it. Your recall must have been according to a rule book.

    Only a government office gives its employees unwritten privileges that allow the use of office hours for unofficial work and leisure activities. The point I want to make here is that this is not urgent work, something that cannot be neglected – like a sick child or a child that needs to be nursed. If a man can enjoy unwritten privileges then why grudge women privileges that the rule book allows?

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    730 days CCL without any ubstitute! I shudder to think about the condition of the link officer if a lady officer decides to take CCL of 730 days at one go.
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    Please go back to the rulebook. There is no provision of taking/granting CCL of 730 days at one go.
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