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    Why many CBSE affiliated schools prefer textbooks of private publishers to NCERT books?

    Recently there was a spread in the social media forcing one of the private publishers to withdraw Class 4 EVS (environmental science) text book in which the students were suggested to kill a kitten as a part of an experiment. And in a sociology text book of Class 12, it is cited that ugly looks and physical disability of girls is the reason for dowry problem in the country. (Reference: zeenews India website)

    When the student who are still in their learning process, don't you think the content in the textbooks is misguiding the students? Should the CBSE affiliated schools be allowed to prescribe textbooks of private publishers for school curriculum? Why these CBSE affiliated schools (other than Kendriya Vidyalayas) prefer private publication text books and not the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) text books?

    What's your opinion on this?
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    Kalyani you have raised a valid issue for which even I was pondering over. The reason being the private publishers are having their own group of writers who are well versed and having far more experience in creating content for the books to CBSE better than government own books. Moreover invariably the questions are asked from the private publishers book and those who are the ranker does not want to take risk by only studying government books and thus this weakness has been well churned by the private publishers who are charging high prices for every text book..
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    Your question is valid and as a student I consider its reason is that the government books like NCERT is stuck to only basics, a CBSE student needs more than that and the 'more' is offered by the private publishers. But yes if you don't know the basics which is discussed deeply in the NCERT books, the 'more' is useless. Private publisher's books should be advised after completing and covering the NCERT curriculum and private publishers should not use inappropriate content.
    Other suggestion is that NCERT should add some extra material for competitive exams as well.

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    Good to know that you are a student. NCERT books are not stuck to basics but in fact these are much used by those who prepare for their civil services. Anything govt can't be branded as sub-standard and anything private can't be considered to be of high standards. Some of the content in the text books of private publishers is misguiding the students which is not correct.

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    Nowadays education has become marketing field and with no doubt every school will have tie up with private publishers and on bulk order will get commission and also easy way to get money from parents side too. As told by some member, the news spread and understanding also there to set question paper that they will set it from these publishers only and hence demand.

    It is not only in CBSE but even in higher studies like Engineering etc., and hence students will fell into the psychology of reading certain set of books even a teacher say to read the prescribed books for the syllabus by University.

    Every where marketing gimmicks.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In every step of education starting from LKG to PG, the same system is followed. The teachers or lectures always suggest private books for students. In PG they suggest books published by foreign authors rather than Indian authors. It is their passion. But in PG courses we can get books from library for reading. So it will not cost us much. But in schools and colleges we can't help. Question answer banks, Guides, and model papers are published by private publishers. But these are written by lecturers working in Government colleges and schools only. Hence there will be a tendency for students to go for these books. But it is true that somebody wants to understand basics better government books are always better. For extra knowledge and better marks every body will go for other books.
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