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    It's not even April and the mercury level is 40. How's it in your place?

    O my god! the mercury level is almost touching 40 in Hyderabad. It's not even April and there is heat wave in the city for the past few days. If the weather continues to remain so, will it touch above 45 this year? Just imagine, how terrible the summer this year will be? Or can be expect early monsoon this year? Any predictions? The roads in Hyderabad are giving a deserted look in the afternoon due to heat wave.

    In such a terrible weather condition, the little ones have half day schools and they have to return by 12.30 / 1.00 p.m.

    People keep voicing about global warming, planting trees etc but how many of them are really serious about the situation. Is it not possible to get back nearly cool summers in India. By the way, how's it in your place? Are you too experiencing heat wave?
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    Am in Bengaluru. The weather is not cool but hot with unbearable heat. I planned to go to Chennai. I came to know Chennai is horrible than Bengaluru. Hence I dropped my visit to Chennai. How to get back nearly cool summers in our country? There is no other way to get cooled from this scorching and torturing summer heat. Sun is abnormal with his burning heat. What to do? Let us pray Lord Indira/Varuna to shower their grace to save us from the hot Sun.
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    Yes this year the summer has started with severe note and today is 31st March and we are already experiencing 40 plus Celsius in Hyderabad and thank God that there is no power cut as such , otherwise we would be having horrible experience. Surely this time the peak summer in May would be touching the 45 degrees and we could gauge that Hyderabad will become Ramagundam for a some days. Just cannot understand why the climate is so horrible. In the name of Haritha Haram the Telangana government has even planted crores of saplings and they have grown too as trees of small size. We thought by sowing more plants, the climate would change drastically. But this summer has proved that there is nothing to do with tree saplings. May be the trees would help to bring more rains when the season starts.
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    I am in Rampura a semi unban area of Neemuch District M.P. Temperature of my place was 41 yesterday. What would be it go in April we can imagine. It is totally the effect of global warming and deforestation. We should aware about environmental problem and try to solve them other wise we would bot be able to survive on the Earth.
    Plantation is the most effective way by which we can solve environmental problem.

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    I am in Delhi. Temperature here was 33degree yesterday. This is just March 31st, But so much Humidity. Everyone is annoyed with this hot. We can't imagine what will happen in MAY or June. People started using Air conditioners and air coolers. This is terrible.

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    In Telangana also temperature is very high. Yesterday it touched 41 degrees centigrade. As
    the plants grow and become trees definitely they will be contributing for bringing down the temperatures. So many crores of trees are cut around Hyderabad and converted it to cement forest. So heats are very high. Now we have started plantation. It will take some time to get the position improved. Air coolers have become out fashioned. Everybody started using air conditioners. They are very hazardous for nature. The fluorocarbons are are not environmental friendly. It will spoil the atmosphere much more.

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    Kerala too is going through one of the hottest summers she had ever experienced. The heat during day time, and even the nights, have become so unbearable and to add to the woes is shortage of water and electricity. Deforestation, filling up of ponds and paddy fields, blocking of water-heads, building up of concrete jungles and allowing all the rain water to flow into the sea appears to be the main cause of this climate change.

    If we don't start correcting ourselves now, I am sure that we won't have to wait till the next generation to bear the brunt of nature. Planting and nurturing of trees, harvesting rain water and maintaining our natural water resources and of course going back to our traditional architectural designs in construction may bring in some relief.

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    So far as Delhi is concerned, the weather is still pleasant, particularly during the morning and at night. However, there is every indication that this year summer in Delhi will be very tough. Kolkata is already bearing the brunt of summer.
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    In Kerala, at the place where I reside, we are experiencing unprecedented hot weather. It is just not even April, and May is also there. Really scared what will be in store.

    Not just the daytime temperatures, but even nights are also very much warm beyond the usual tolerance level. Added to this, the concrete roof and walls also radiate the heat retained by them during the whole night making sleep difficult and making us fatigued.

    We are suffering from the mindless exploitation of nature and environment.

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    But what I get the feeds through social media that Theni in Tamil Nadu is getting showers daily in the evening and that is bringing the temperature low. Even we are also eagerly awaiting for a some showers in this hot spell to give us some relief.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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