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    Women’s Life is Warrior

    Women's Warrior starts right from birth it self. When a girl child is born parents will have warrior in them selves that it should have been a boy. No matter they accept it and give good education, but actual warrior of the girl child starts when she gets married and enters to the total unknown house with lot of dreams. From Day 1 she becomes a daughter – in – law, wife, sister – in – law and many new relations join in hands with her, she tries to do her duties and gets success in it. The biggest warrior in women's life is giving birth to a child. From that moment she becomes a Mother, tutor, nurse etc to the child. To Successfully manage all these relations she faces many warriors in life.
    That is why women's have many relations and face warrior as daughter, sister, friend, beloved, wife, mother, grandmother
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    No doubt and it is well said that women are the main inspiration to all and the way they carry on the work without even murmuring a word shows their grit and courage to take on any challenge without giving a chance for complaint. Moreover women are habituated to do their work as they would take inspiration from the fellow women and thus women folk at large are really commendable and they in fact work more than the men. Men may take break in between the work for cigarette break or tea break but women wont take any break and they finish the task at once and then take rest.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you sir the regards you have for women

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