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    Should I take water while having food?

    I generally take water at the time of having my meal. A sense of satisfaction comes while doing so. However, my wife always asks me not to do so. But, as usual, I don't pay heed to her advice.

    Today I have come across an article on health. It states that if water is taken while having food, the food is not chewed properly and it reaches the intestine very quickly. As a result, the gastric juice doesn't properly secrete, which causes various digestive problems. The article further states that taking water just before, during and immediately after the meal causes diabetes and other chronic digestive ailments.

    I showed the report to one of my colleagues. He trashes the report and advocates having water after the meal. Now, I am in a dilemma.

    Should we take water before, during and immediately after the meal? Members may kindly give their opinion.
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    Our body performs number of activities while eating and digesting, so it is important to take water during meals.The water will dilute the juices and the water will help the food digest and cut the food so that the body can absorb the nutrients, so the water also can help the soften the stool. it is necessary to take water during the meal but not before we start the meals..there should be a gap 30 minutes to intake the food

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    Well this topic has been discussed in the past too and what I say that it all depends on every Individual, his digestive powers and his liking to water. Water is the sources to cleanse and facilitate the intake of our food smoothly and also helps in digestive system. Those who have liking of food with taste and have got the same for that time do not want to control their intake of the same with the interruption of drinking water. That means they would want to eat more food and drink less water. But I am having the habit of drinking water in between the food and it gives me great satisfaction of having eaten something to my satisfaction. Moreover some food items are hard even after chewing and it needs a facilitation to gulp. So water would do that needful and the food is successfully passed to the stomach through food pipe.
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    If we want proper digestive system, we should drink water after meal. And it should be drunk gradually.
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    Elders advise that one should not take water along with food. They advise to take water before taking food and then after taking food. They say that initially take water to make the throat and food canal moist and smooth. Then take food sufficient to satisfy hunger and take water sufficiently after that.

    Personally, even I feel to take water along with food, or after every morsel or two.

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    If we go through the documentation on this topic it is everywhere mentioned that water taken after a gap of meals is beneficial. Generally when we take food there will be some gravy or curry items which contain sufficient water. Additionally if salad or raitas are there, they will add water to the food while chewing. So sufficient water is there to moist the food for easy movement through the throat and downwards. In case food is dry and difficult to swallow then it becomes necessary to take sips of water in between.

    The well moist food travels through the stomach and to intestines and simultaneously being mixed with various enzymes and juices and then starts the process of absorbtion of various substances from the food by the intestines. An early water intake either with food or just after the food disturbs this mechanism and affects the digestive process in one way or another.

    In Ayurveda also it is strongly recommended to take water after a gap of around 1/2 to 1 hour.

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