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    Is it true that foreigners don't consume plain water but soda, coke and beer only?

    Dear Members,
    I have heard from my relatives staying in foreign lands that foreigners (Especially the US, UK, European countries) seldom use plain water but use soda, cokes and beer to quench their thirst as we use plain water for the same. Also, the plain water cost much higher than soda, coke and beer. Is it correct?

    Please throw some lights about the water and foreigners to update ourselves.
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    Mr. Sun: Which foreigners are you talking about? I have seen many foreigners who even today don't touch liquor including beer!
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    It is mainly the people from the western countries like US and UK where we have lot of Indians.

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    Well it may be believed the doubt raised by the author. Foreigners are known for their preference to drinks of different kind due to their weather conditions in respective countries and unlike taxation in India on liquor, they get those booze items for cheap rates. So instead of searching for pure water, they may go for the hot beverages which not only get them the kick and satisfaction and also good on their purse. In India we are totally depended on pure drinking water and here people are habituated to drinking mineral water than ordinary water. Nevertheless it is the society matters.
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    Mr. sun,
    My uncle and my cousin both live at America. When they come to India they take mineral water instead of normal water of tap or well. My cousin once told me that in America, when they go to hotel or restaurant waiter serves cold drink first without any cost like water is served in India. The cost of water in America is very high. He told me this thing almost 2 years ago and at that time water was 90 rs/bottle.

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    Many Indians settled in America, when they come for a visit to this country, they do take mineral water instead of ordinary water. It is because of their health consciousness. Even the Indians now a days when they go out for eating etc., they prefer mineral water instead of ordinary water.
    I have seen many foreigners from various countries visiting our Organisation. They all consume water plenty. Similarly I have also visited some countries and there also I have seen the people consuming water for drinking. But there may be some countries where people are consuming other drinks in place of water, but I am not aware.

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    Actually water in USA isn't very good. And there is a scarcity of drinking water in many states. Same goes with Australia. But English(U.K) people on other hand drink lots of water.
    Yes, Americans prefer soda and beer than water, in summer that is. As one of my previous responses said, water is pretty costly in USA. And drinking soda and beer replenishes energy better than the plain water, but prolonged usage can make you obese. That's the main reason why Obesity is on large in America.

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    They drink flavored water mostly.
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