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    Can you repair your household things yourself?

    We always rely upon a technician to repair the household things. If the tap is not working properly or there is a block in the drainage system, we call a plumber and ask him to fix the things. Even if the rubber stands of the gas stove gets lost, then also we call the service person to fix the issue. So we rely upon others for these small things. But if you did it yourself how satisfactory will it be for you and how much money you would save. Have you ever thought of it? I do all these things myself when I am free at home. Try it once!
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    Generally I do not repair things at my house. I always call technician for the same. One of my uncle who lives at America, always get angry. He always do his work himself and force me to do so. He tells me that in America they have to do to their work themselves. He always keep a bag and common instrument with them to repair things.
    In my opinion, most of the people in India ask technician to repair house hold things.

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    Yes. You are right. I never let my household items go easily to the shops for repair. What is essential to repair a item is the tool. What I would do is this. If my tap is leaking, I may need a spanner. If I have it, it is alright. If I don't have it, I will buy a new spanner and repair the tab or replace the tap. Now I have the spanner available to me. It would cost me less than the repair cost. If the cooker handle is loose or broken, I would tighten it with a screw driver. If a suitable screw driver is not available, I would procure a new screw driver, use it for the purpose and save the screw driver. I have carried out many such repairs and saved money and stored tools. I take the things to workshop or call the technician home only when I am not aware of the technology of the item. I always keep M-seal with me which helps me to repair many of my household items. I also use M-seal to maintain my good old Padmini.
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    Always it is better to do small small repairs for our household items. The required tools can be purchased and keep in our house. When there is a small problem we will get it done on our own. Either my wife or one of my two sons will attend generally. Sometimes I may also attend. Taps repair, small leak repairs and other petty repairs we will be doing. But for electrical works and specialized works only we will call technicians. It is cheap in India. But other countries it is very costly to get some body for these works. When My son was in states he was only doing all these works in his portion.
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    When ever things go awry and not working, I shall first see any alternative which can be attended by me itself. When the situation needs the experts advise or technician then only I shall approach. For example the main on and off button of my television has gone loose and it use to switch off automatically while watching the program. So what I did that I took the air pin and bent it backward, and the tension of the pin was so great that it could hold the button in on position always. Now we are switching on the main switch for the television to go on. So this small repair is done by me.
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