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    How many plants have you planted and nurtured in your life?

    We all talk about global warming and we say that it is due to cutting of trees. My question here is - Have you planted any plants in your life? If so, how many? How many of them survived and grown as a big tree?
    On every world environment day celebrated year after year, we are requested to plant some trees. Did you ever care it? Did you act?
    I am sure, we are surviving with the trees planted by our ancestors and forefathers. In these days, no one cares to plant and nurture a tree. We know to cut not to grow. Am I right, my dear members?
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    It is true that trees are getting cut. But now a days all Governments are trying to encourage tree plantation. Pollution control boards also insisting the entrepreneurs to have plantation area in the factories. If area is not allocated getting permission from them for new industries is difficult.We have planted many trees in our Organisation. The whole factory area is with trees. We got best greenery award in a row for 4 years from PCB.

    Coming to my house I have a small garden behind mu house. we have planted sapota,coconut and mango trees. Many flower plants also we have. We have a small kitchen garden in front of my house. We grow vegetable and leafy plants there. We have many pots on the roof top and we grow plants there also. We have bonsai plants also.

    everyone should try to plant trees to up keep the environment.

    always confident

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    As mentioned in my response in gardening thread posted by Mohan, I love gardening and I don't even remember how many plants have I planted. Right from my childhood days, I had been planting trees (of course along with my father (late) and siblings) and also enjoyed / enjoying the yield. There trees that we had planted are now giving delicious mangoes every year, I even remember we had planted coconut tree saplings which are now giving watery coconuts. We had also planted badam plant in our own house in the backyard and we enjoyed the nuts - this huge badam tree was uprooted due to a severe storm. We even planted papaya sapling and enjoyed the yield. And it is a big list with many more plants in the kitchen garden like curry leaves tree etc and many beautiful flowering plants in front of the main entrance like jasmine, rose, hibiscus etc and of course ornamental plants like varieties of crotons and many more. Now my garden is confined to the balcony with very limited plants that too potted plants.
    Thanks & Regards

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    I am having a rose plant, a jasmine plant, Nava Pazham plant, a sundakai plant and beside I am maintaining big popaya and neem trees. Now is the season for Rose and daily morning I wake up to see so many flowers bloomed with big size and that gives me the first access to pluck the flowers for the Gods to offer puja. Likewise during summer the Jasmine flowers are also blooming in full and we are getting good yield. Papaya fruits are also yielding much this time. And I supplied most of the neem flowers to all the colony people for this Ugadi and that gave me great satisfaction.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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