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    Don't forget our Desi drink in this summer

    Desi drinks like Lassi, Butter Milk, Lemon water, different fruit juices are often ignored by people but these are the drinks which has far better quality to beat the heat in specially Indian Summer. Normally, we go to drink Coke, Pepsi to bring some coolness in this high temperature but these drink can give you relief only till you have it. Wherein, Desi drinks stay for longer time in our body to help our inner body from out side heat.

    What would you prefer, Desi drink or the normal bottle cold drink. What kind of desi drink you like? My most favourite Desi drink is Lassi and I love to have it any time. It provide me a big relief in the hot summer.

    So, members please share your experience here.
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    Really it is important to use desi drink in this summer season instead of cold drinks. Cold drinks are harmful for the health. Our desi drink like lassi, butter milk, sharbat of different fruits, fruit juice, milk shake etc. are beneficial for health.
    I like lemon juice in summer season. I daily drink one glass lemon juice at morning and lemon tea at night. These are my fav ourite drinks. Lemon juice make you fresh and provide energy to work whole day without laziness.

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    Desi drinks like Lassi,Buttermilk with sugar or salt, Lemon with water or soda and coconut water are really good for this summer. They will be very good to beat the hot summer. They will help in reducing the body heat and maintain coolness in the body. Fruit juice like watermelon,grape and orange are also good better to avoid mango juice. They will also reduce your body heat. One point everybody should remember here is. don't mix ice in these drinks. All bottled cool drinks are not at all advisable any time. They are not good for our health. So try to consume water from pots, Desi drinks more during the summer but not others.
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    I agree to the view of the author that we should drink the liquids obtained from our natural resources, particularly in summer season. Drinking coconut water minimum three times a week would help a lot. Also the suggestions made in the thread are quite worthy and the intake of cool drinks like Pepsi and other should be discouraged.

    Coming to my taste, I like the 'pudina' water and it finds a place in the local areas of Hyderabad during summer. I like it very much. Nimboo water with sugar and pinch of salt gives a good taste and make us fresh during the hot summer.


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    My favourite desi drink in summer is : buttermilk diluted with water, a little lemon juice, green chillies and ginger crushed, salt. Alternative is buttermilk with chat masala.
    Orange juice, grape juice come next.
    Last choice only is the chemical soft drinks .

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    Nothing can match the taste of Butter Milk prepared at home with the inclusion of Dania leaves, little salt and Hing. The taste would be liked even by children. This is the best drink which also cleans our upset stomach. Another alternate is to have Jeera water. Now a days Jaljeera ready made powders are also available in the market. But it is easy to prepare at home by adding mint leaves or Pundina with that and the taste would be tangling and clears our urge of thirst immediately. Of course the who can forget the great lime juice, which is the most easy way of quenching the summer thirst.
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