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    Why certain other factors influence to enhance social relations?

    I always wonder people who maintain a low profile would gather lesser support while those who are active and join certain parties would enjoy a very good support in public and official life. I do agree in some of the cases it may not be true but it makes a difference in many. Those who smoke or drink would gather good friends and enjoy the parties. Even such friendship lasts for long while it is not the case with others who won't. The Cocktail parties and the pre-lunch drinks(PLD, very often used to be in high official parties) would promote a good range of friendship by means of joke sharing and the friendship further extends.

    Sometimes these factors have much influence in many occasions and dominate the good and sincere personalities in the society. But one thing is true. It may work for the time being but not always. What do you say?
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    I think, it is self-promotion and self-praise that plays an active role. The smart ones who keep boasting and show-off their high profile are the one who get immediate attention. Those who know how to get things done will get it done by all means. While the simpletons or the sincere ones who don't know or don't like self-praise remain unnoticed. They remain ever contented with whatever little they have.

    I think such a relationship will not last longer as it is bound with false prestige and with selfish motto. They make the mutual admiration society.

    There are the other types too who are gained in between. And these are the crying types or the demanding types. Such people get things done either by crying or by demanding i.e the demanding types. Their ultimate aim is to get their things done and they do it by any means. Whatever it could be, I personally feel that such people never get contentment in their lives.

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    Kalyani's post above(#594482) says some reality observations.
    My own personal experience, (which I do not want to use as generalising), is that those who do not have the modern social 'hjabits' lack in 'friendship' or 'company' in the modern sense. In career or business, they will not go very high, but remain contented with the middle level. Though they may be respected and acknowledged as 'good' and 'nice'- they will not be having a crowd with them any time.

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    My personal observation also says that people who are maintaining a low profile and down to earth will never get noticed and even though they are efficient also they will never get their due. In the modern world . what you have done is not important but what you have presented is more important. People who will put up a lot of show will get noticed. He will be attracted by many. he will gather more friends and more support. Lal Bahadur sastry was a very able Prime Minister of India. He is successful as a PM for a short while. But in the present day nobody remembers him. But Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi will be remembered by every one. Same is the case in all the fields.
    Even in organisations the best performers may not get their due. But average performer get better because of his other skills. So one should go with the wind. Then only one will be successful in all steps of his life.

    always confident

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    I won't generalise people with smoking, drinking or simple nature but would like to say that anything one do should be honest. There are people who get attentions with fake praising but their time is limited after sometime such people will not be visible in crowd. However, even if one cry or demand, that should be done with honest reason. If that is done, I don't find anything wrong in it. Yeah, we people only find fault on others and say that he/she is a crying baby but do we go deeper and think that why he/she cries? If the mother look after their baby, there is no reason why a baby will cry.

    Respects and friendship don't come with demand, it comes with your true character. And one should be honest with himself/herself no matter what he/she does. At the end of the day one should not run away seeing his/her own face in the mirror.

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    Yes I am also of the view that the more a person socialize and be free and frank with others, the more he is liked and in the net of social gatherings. People like exchange of views, exchange of their past experience, exchange of their best times with others. Even the so called bad habits like smoking, drinking and playing cards are among the top parameters which gauges your personality in that net. Those who socialize more would never care about their children and their behavior with others and thus those children also get to care free mode and that is the advantage to them.
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