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    Have you ever tasted Banana with pepper and salt added in the middle ?

    When I was in Delhi for five years during 1980 to 85, I used to eat fruits during summer and at one place near Indian Express office, a fruit vendor used to serve banana with pepper and salt added in the middle by making two halves of the fruit.. The taste was not only new for me that time and also liked it very much. Even at home I prepared such salad and served to my children and they liked it. Have you ever tasted this way , the fruit of banana in different taste ? Also give what else can be done through banana ?
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    While in Bombay, It was my regular practice every night to eat two green bananas cut in the centre and placed with pepper salt mix. An old Malayalee guy (Kaakka) used to sell the banana in front of my mess gate. It used to be an excellent eat before I go to sleep at 12 p.m. The mix won't taste good with any other bananas other than the green banana. It was a great experience.

    These days, I take all the banana varieties with chutneys. It is a different combination that tastes well and goes well with all type of bananas. Also, I take bananas with sweet Boondi which gives a special taste.

    Members can try my methods of eating bananas and comment..

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    Yes, in Delhi it is a popular method of eating banana. I have tasted it, but don't like it. Banana's original taste is lost because of black salt and pepper.
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    Very common man fruit is Banana. I think it is very much tasteful in its original shape. Nowadays it is very common to add odd flavours to all types of foods and fruits as an experimental one. But with such experiments, original product lose its sheen, nutrition.

    Of course I dont eat because of my allergy to sinus with the fruit.

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    Any sweet item added with little Kaaram(pepper or mirchi) and salt tastes good. Similarly, Any saltish item mixed with little sweet also tastes good.

    Eg. Little Sugar added to Sambar. Lemon juice with sugar and salt. Mirchi or pepper mixed Papped added to sweet paayasam. Mirchi added to Guaua fruit. Salt added to Pineapple.

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    Mr. Sun: In Kolkata/West Bengal, we get 5-6 varieties of bananas with subtle variations in taste. However, in Delhi, the bananas are less sweet than the bananas of smaller varieties available in West Bengal. So, I take banana in Delhi only as a food. I don't enjoy the taste of Delhi bananas with very thick skin, irrespective of adding pepper or salt, or not.
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    The Bananas get sweetened more they get ripened. So bananas should be preserved to get ripened and eaten to get the real taste of the fruit.

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    It is not just bananas. In Delhi, you can find roadside vendors selling even guavas, radish and different varieties of cucumber sliced in the centre, with masala sprinkled on it. I think every place has its unique way of serving food items. In Chennai slivers of raw mango with bite size cuts, sprinkled with generous amounts of salt and red chilli powder, is a favourite roadside snack. I found slices of fresh pineapple doused with salt and chilli powder being sold on the Pamban Bridge in Rameshwaram. They were delicious, and I have since started serving pineapple slices with chilli powder and salt sprinkled on it, at home.

    In Lucknow roasted peanuts, in shells, are sold with a small (potli) packet of salt. You are supposed to shell the peanuts, dip them in the salt and eat.

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    I have tasted other fruits like oranges, apple, papaya, etc add with salt but so far never tasted banana with black pepper and salt. But now I will surely try to eat banana with black pepper and salt.
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    I have not tasted the banana with salt and pepper but we do mix sliced ripe bananas mixed with ghee and sugar/ honey and that is also served as prasad in temples. Then there is a sweet dish which is prepared using bite sized banana cooked in jaggery and coconut milk, payasam/ kheer is another dish which is made during festivals and feasts and of course we have the banana fritters which is a favorite teatime snack.
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    Everyone has tried that organic recipe except me. I do taste banana Prasad during Tagore Ji's occassion at our Bengoli Hindu Temple. Now that it's been a long time I haven't taste.
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    In our house we make banana fruit into slices and sprinkle pepper and salt. The taste we like. We eat other fruits like guava, Apple and Papaya also in the same way. They taste good.
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