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    Can I attach a pic with my resource taken from a free site?

    There are many free sites which provides free images and video to use anywhere. Like,, etc. Can I use images from this site to make my resources more effective?
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    Please check out the guidelines here and see whether your doubt could be cleared. Do post a response here either way.
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    As per ISC rules and regulations we are not supposed to take any image from any source. You have the right to create your own image and then publish.
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    No, it is not allowed. Pls remove the images that you have attached in your articles. The shutterstock images come with watermark, so these are not allowed in ISC articles.
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    Are images copied from the internet not allowed at all, or are they allowed if specific conditions are met? For instance, can an image from an online source be posted along with an article if a mention to the source of the image is mentioned? Please clarify if there is a blanket ban on such images.

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    Thanks to all. Now I will remove the images which I have taken from free sites. I copied images from free sites because most of the sites allow it. Thanks again for your guidance.
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    Images (taken from internet) that are not copyright protected can be used in articles but you need to mention the source of the image. You can embed 2-3 such images and not too many.

    Images with copyright cannot be / are not allowed in ISC.

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    There are many free sites which allows us to copy images. As experienced by me, we can copy images from the free sources and attach it with our articles and posts. However, at ISC, we need to indicate the source by simply saying Note: Image 'Courtesy Pixabay'etc.
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    Where should we can indicate the source of image in article. I did not find any place to do so at the time of attachement .
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    You have to mention it in the article so that it appears just below the image in the article.
    You don't have to do it in the page where you upload the attachment.

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    Thank you, Kalyani for the clarification.

    Ankit, I always wondered how the credits were displayed under copied images. Now I know.

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