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    Have the online interactions become a platform for war of words?

    Just I was watching the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha, of course not surprised to see the war of words among the top leaders of the temple of democracy. Then I thought of my self. They are, after all, politicians and the more they fight with a bigger voice, the more their visuals would become popular among the people which ultimately may give chance to move over to the treasury bench in the next election.

    But the same tone and tenor continues in virtual world also. The online interactions via Forum of any website would enhance virtual friendship and in the long run, may be a true friendship. But what's happening? In the name of debates and knowledge sharing, we are displaying our egos and short temper and finally going on personally attacking. No interactive forum is an exception for this in the web world. Finally people who are sensitive are slowly withering away - I mean stop interacting and offering their views to avoid controversies. Is it a healthy trend?
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    Interaction/debate/discussion is always war of words. Everybody is following the same tradition in case of online interaction also. There is nothing astonishing in it.
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    When there would be a forum to discuss, the administrators must know that for and against debates and heated exchanges would be coming from the participants. Forum itself has been made for the discussions and deliberations on any issue which was bothering the citizens. We cannot draw conclusions between heated discussions and walkouts in Parliament with that of war of words in social media. In Parliament the members are bound to talk inside their purview and Parliamentary rights and if they exceed, the matter would be referred to privileges committee, but in social media there is no such restrictions. Some of the current issues which are being talked on television is also debated and mimed in the social media with different style. In fact I am enjoying some creative mimes that appear on each issues daily.
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    Forum discussions and debates are always issue based but not personal based. Everybody is free to express their views and exchange ideas. Actually in Parliament also the discussion should be on the merits and demerits of the issue. Earlier a Member of Parliament used to be very knowledgeable and the discussions were point oriented. But now a days all sorts of people are entering and doing nonsense at the cost of hard earned money of tax payers.

    Social media is to have knowledge about things around. Know more. So there is nothing wrong in these discussions as long as they are not targeted against an individual.

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    It is unfortunate that many times we deviate from the main issue of discussion in the thread and go on endlessly to prove that the other person's remark or opinion is not correct.

    This brings in the unnecessary bitterness and cold war situation and starts reflecting in the subsequent threads.

    If we really want that a platform should rise to its glorious heights than this trend is to be discouraged. This will require cooperation of all the members and moderation by editors.

    Everyone is free to express his views about the subject in the thread and not on the opinions of others.
    If we go on commenting upon each other's opinion then it will be an endless war in which case even the editors will have difficulty in bringing ceasefire.

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