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(This entry is the Winner of TOW contest for the week 26th Mar-1st Apr-2017 on topic -Warrior)
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    A warrior who wins the battle is the one whose biggest weapon is patience.

    Today is a time where everyone is indulge in some kind of war within the small space of their life.
    War for getting money,education, power and respect and everyone is trying to give their best with the weapons they have these weapons are talent, knowledge and experience e.t.c.
    But the warrior who wins the big wars and battles are those who have secret weapons of patience and perservence.
    Becuase the battles we are fighting today are the battles which can't be won with aggression regardless of the field on which those battles are going on.

    Every one is fighting a war from a housewife - who is fighting against all the odds of life to bind her family together and giving her children high morals and education
    To a scientist struggling to derive equations and formula to innovate something amazing but what is their biggest weapon in this fight is patience.
    They have the patience to wait for the fruit which they will get after years of their hardwork on its harvesting.
    Many people who get on the war field with so much confident and capablities still face defeat just because they don't posses this weapon.
    So think about it are you a warrior with this weapon or not?
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    Patience is one of the weapons? Waiting for the things to happen patiently may make us loose sometimes. Patience , smart and shrewd people may won the battle. Some battles can be won by aggression also. So one should have the shrewdness, to decide the path to be followed either patience or aggression. Chances will not wait. So we have to grab the chance.

    Act as per the situation, choose a write path, don't go unethical, be alert, you will win. Some work is carried out in a lab. The results are good. It should be published immediately. Some other lab may also doing the same work . If they publish befor you, you have lost. So be alert always,active always, plan properly always. You will be the winning warrior

    always confident

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    Very nicely said by the author. Great warriors are gauged for their strength not with weapons or the fighting force they have at their command but their clever way of taking the battle field to the ultimate goal and waiting patiently for the moves and counter moves of the enemy. Normally in great battles only foolish side will exhaust all the weapons and troops at the hands of enemy and they wont have any reserved commands of soldiers in the barracks. A real warrior is one who shall wait for such a situation which would easily facilitate the winning of battle with style and elegance. Moreover the enemy forces and their command officers would surrender and join with the active forces. So patience plays important role even in war fields and a true warrior must give time the patience.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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