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    How do you cope with the surging mercury?

    Summer has started to raise its ugly head, and this year we are heading towards perhaps the deadliest summer. How do you plan to cope with the heat? What are your secret, time-tested practices to combat the summer heat? Please share your tips here.

    I like to keep myself hydrated. I drink a lot of fluids in the form of water, juice, shakes and homemade drinks such as aam panna, Jal jeera, and laasi etcetera. When we go out I always carry a flask with lots of ice and Tang (a powdered drink mix). I also eat/serve a lot of seasonal fruits like melons and oranges because of their high water content and include cucumbers and salad greens in my meals.
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    Yes this summer seems to be challenging especially for the children and the aged. Even people of other ages are also unable to cope up surging mercury which was not seen before. The first thing what we can do is to drink as much water as we can because we should not go dry and that will gives rise to serious health problems. Where ever possible drink fruit juices which are normal and not mixed with ice. If you are at home nothing can match the butter milk, lime juice, Jeera juice etc. Preparing Lassi at home is also a rewarding experience and adding Faluda to it will give further cool effect.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This year summer started on a very high note. It is becoming very difficult to go out during day time. But nobody will wait in the house without going out for some or other work. So we have to take many precautions to be safe. Generally what I follow is

    Don't take water from fridge. Take water from a pot.
    Consume water more.
    Don't go to hot sun without covering your head. Use a cap.
    Wear light Color clothes and use umbrella.
    Take coconut water or lime water with salt without ice.
    Consume watermelon and papaya.
    Minimise moments in hot sun to minimum possible extent.

    I think by following these points, we may be able to face this hot summer without any problem.

    always confident

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    To beat the heat, I use very simple method. I never go out empty stomach, if nothing, I drink lots of water before coming out under the burning sun. If I have to spend most of the day out, I keep drinking Lemon water or Lassi or simple water. Maintaining the water level inside body is most important in hot summer.

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